New York Yankees: Surviving August Schedule New York Yankees: Surviving August Schedule New York Yankees: Surviving August Schedule

New York Yankees: Surviving August Schedule

An Empty Yankee Stadium.

Even with the disaster happening out on the West Coast, the New York Yankees are still sitting comfortably atop the AL Eastdespite losing five of their last six games and losing Alex Rodriquez to a fractured left hand.

What worries me is that fans don’t realize that even though October might look close on the calendar in Yankee Universe it isn’t.

See, a majority of New York fans I meet in a daily basis seem to think the Yankees are already a lock for the playoffs without realizing, or looking at what lies in between.

And that would be a tough August schedule with 19-straight games crammed in between the team’s only two off-days. (compliments of

Wed, 8/1Orioles1:05p
Fri, 8/3Mariners7:05p
Sat, 8/4Mariners1:05p
Sun, 8/5Mariners1:05p
Mon, 8/6at Tigers7:05p
Tue, 8/7at Tigers7:05p
Wed, 8/8at Tigers7:05p
Thu, 8/9at Tigers1:05p
Fri, 8/10at Blue Jays7:07p
Sat, 8/11at Blue Jays1:07p
Sun, 8/12at Blue Jays1:07p
Mon, 8/13Rangers7:05p
Tue, 8/14Rangers7:05p
Wed, 8/15Rangers7:05p
Thu, 8/16Rangers1:05p
Fri, 8/17Red Sox7:05p
Sat, 8/18Red Sox4:05p
Sun, 8/19Red Sox8:00p
Mon, 8/20at White Sox8:10p
Tue, 8/21at White Sox8:10p
Wed, 8/22at White Sox8:10p
Fri, 8/24at Indians7:05p
Sat, 8/25at Indians7:05p
Sun, 8/26at Indians1:05p
Mon, 8/27Blue Jays7:05p
Tue, 8/28Blue Jays7:05p
Wed, 8/29Blue Jays1:05p
Fri, 8/31Orioles7:05p


So, when I compared the Yankees month to that of the opposing AL teams they play here is the break down (compliments of

Baltimore Orioles310
Seattle Mariners48
Detroit Tigers413
Toronto Blue Jays213
Texas Rangers220
Boston Red Sox212
Chicago White Sox313
Cleveland Indians215

The Rangers are the only team with a tougher stretch than the Yankees as Texas has a 20-game stretch with also just two days off in August. Now that is brutal considering the Rangers play half those games in an open stadium in the Texas heat.

Looks like August will give a cut-and-dry picture of where the Rangers and Yankees stand.

And surely baseball fans will enjoy getting to witness just how tough the two best teams are in the AL, and to see if both come out alive.

Also, teams are making moves before the July 31st trade deadline to improve themselves so it will get a lot more competitive down the stretch.


  1. Richard griffith says:

    Are these the neophyte fans who still looking for Elvis? Do not let your heart be troubled. Most us have witnessed some impressive meltdowns in the past. Hey, Boston and Baltimore sweep us this week it a whole new ball game. I think we are going too get hot again but what do I know.

    • LLP says:

      Richard – I totally agree with you and I am nervous as things will be really tough for the Yankees in August. LLLLOOONNNGGG stretch of games to deal with.