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Yankees: Do you like getting lucky two nights in a row?

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Amid a season where nothing has seemed to go their way, the New York Yankees finally received some well deserved luck the last two evenings in the Bronx.

1) On Monday morning, news broke that the Yankees had traded Yangervis Solarte and pitching prospect Rafael De Paula to the Padres in exchange for their All-Star third baseman Chase Headley.

And the trade paid off immediately, as 30-year old Headley delivered the walk-off hit in the bottom of the 14th, putting an end to another painful, offensively anemic game at Yankees Stadium vs. the AL basement dwelling Texas Ranges that concluded, 2-1.

The trade makes sense as it gives the Yankees improved stability at the hot corner even if it cost them fan-favorite Solarte. Solarte was a great surprise out of Spring Training, and the fun lasted through May. But unfortunately due mainly to an anemic offense and the slew of injuries, the Yankees lost the luxury of allowing a player some wiggle room to slump.

And with Headley becoming a free agent after this season, he is just a rent with an option to buy for the Yankees. This means his future in pinstripes is TBD by the Yankees.

But it is still a major concern that it took the Yankees 13 innings to score their first run vs. Texas Rangers, who own a 40-60 record, the worst in the AL. And that this win came after a loss to a pitcher who batters had a .375 batting average against and an ERA north of 10.00. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Do you like getting lucky two nights in a row?’ »

Yankees: Stop faking us out

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium (Photo credit: Kwong Yee Cheng)

If you headed into the All-Star Break wondering how you stomached watching 92 games of your favorite MLB team underperform, but couldn’t stop starring in disbelief at their 47-47 record playing in a dreadfully weak division…odds are you might be a New York Yankees fan, like myself.

True, the Yankees have suffered tremendous injuries, losing 80% of their Opening Day starting rotation.

But please tell me how pitching injuries would give comfort when the Yankees so obviously suffered from an anemic offense that at times looked like they couldn’t have scored runs if they were hitting a tennis ball?

The answer is you can’t that is unless you frequent with ‘the Yankees can do no wrong’ types and then nobody cares what you think anyway because you are crazy.

Admittedly, I am the first fan to throw the Yankees under the bus in tough times, but this season is different because this 2014 team doesn’t have the same stink like they did last year.

And during the All-Star Break last week, I couldn’t shake the idea that even amid all the wounded this season’s Yankees can play a lot better baseball; and I mean the kind that competes in October. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Stop faking us out’ »

Do you think the Yankees will make the 2014 postseason?

New York Yankees World Series 2009 Game 6 049

New York Yankees World Series 2009 Game 6 049 (Photo credit: Affiliate)

The New York Yankees have 68 games, 41 at home and 27 on the road, left in the 2014 regular season.

Right now, the Yankees are 47-47, five games back in the AL East compared to 3.5 games in the wild card. This leaves the Yankees in striking distance to get a postseason berth, but things have to improve.

The Yankees will have to get better without ace Masahiro Tanaka for at least the next six weeks, but if Shane Greene’s arm continues to impress it could soften that blow a tad.

But what seems most vital is that Brain McCann and Carlos Beltran start hitting like they are capable of doing, as the offenses lack of homers especially in Yankees Stadium is disturbing.

Right now, I believe the Yankees have the talent to get to October and will get there in 2014 but what do you think?

Continue reading ‘Do you think the Yankees will make the 2014 postseason?’ »

Yankees: 17 mid-season stats and facts you want to know

How are the 2014 New York Yankees looking at the unofficial mark of baseball’s mid-season, the All-Star Break?

Tell me after you read these 17 stats and facts about the Bronx Bombers first 94 games of the season.

  1. The Yankees have a road record of 29-24, with a run differential of +8.
  2. At home in the Bronx, the Yankees have gone 18-23, have a -45 run differential, which is 3rd worst in MLB.
  3. In blowout games (5+ runs) they are 9-16 with a RD of -49.
  4. Their record against AL East teams is 18-20… 3-7 vs. Rays; 6-3 vs. Blue Jays; 6-4 vs. Red Sox and 3-6 vs. Orioles.
  5. The Yankees offensive stats are so bad their record should be like 43-51 according to baseball geeks formula, but they managed to win 47, and lose 47; a .500 baseball team heading into the break.
  6. Currently are in third place in the AL East, five games behind the first place Orioles.
  7. Yankees and Indians are both 3.5 games back in the AL Wild Card standings.
  8. The pitching has given up 28 fewer runs and 21 less walks at home; but they have been taken deep 58 times in the Bronx and only 46 times on the road.
  9. Yankees batters have grounded into 69 double plays the first half of this year, compared to 78 in 2013 and 71 in 2012.
  10. The Yankees have had one walk-off win and five walk-off losses.

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Yankees: Unfair loss was logical

Yankee Stadium - 2014 - sketch

2014 Yankee Stadium Blueprint

If anybody can relate to the saying when it rains, it pours it would be the 2014 New York Yankees literally.

Ironically, it seemed almost proper that the Yankees lose, 3-1 to the AL East leading Baltimore Orioles in four and a half innings. It was the last game of the unofficial first half of this season.

The rain-out leaves the Yankees at 47-47 heading into this All-Star Break, and puts them five games back from the top spot in the division.

Mother Nature took the Yankees chance away to be to three games behind, which in turn means they would not be a mediocre, .500 team but two games over.

Putting words like average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill in the same sentence with the Yankees is considered sac-religious in some circles.

Speaking as a Yankees fan, having high expectations comes with the territory; and I see nothing wrong with being frustrated for settling for anything else. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Unfair loss was logical’ »

Yankees: Masahiro Tanaka and Tommy John

Ivan Nova

Ivan Nova (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Yankees Ivan Nova, Mets Matt Harvey, Rays Matt Moore, Diamondbacks Patrick Corbin, Braves Kris Medlen, Mets Bobby Parnell, Rangers Martin Perez, and now Yankees Masahiro Tanaka can be added to this list.

The names above are just a few recent pitchers who suffered a partial ligament tear in their throwing elbow; and minus Tanaka, all ended up needing Tommy John surgery.

But the Yankees claim that it was recommended by doctors that Tanaka would try to repair his partial tear with an injection and rehab over the next six weeks.

Look, we all know that Tanaka’s injury is the worst conceivable blow the Yankees could have imagined to happen, as the season is now in major jeopardy.

But is that a reason to delay the inevitable?

Just ask Harvey, who wanted to avoid the operating table at all costs. But like as in most cases, he ended up needing Tommy John surgery, which has kept Harvey, sidelined for the all the 2014 season.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson explained why rehabbing an injury like Tanaka’s is a risk as, “There will always be the open question, given a partial tear, how long that ligament will hold up.” Continue reading ‘Yankees: Masahiro Tanaka and Tommy John’ »