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Yankees: Tropicana Field beat down starts tonight

Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following winning yesterday’s double header against the Cubs, the New York Yankees land in Tampa on a four game winning streak to face their divisional rival Rays.

This series is a big one not only because Tropicana Field, the dome home of the Rays has not been the friendliest place to the Yankees over the last few years. It is the Rays themselves, who have been a problem for the Yankees since 2010.

Since winning the 2009 World Series, the Yankees have gone 32-41 vs. the Rays, and 14-22 at the Trop. The last 22 games the Yankees have only won six.

Still even with all the recent miseries at the Trop, I do believe the Yankees team can take this series from magical skipper Joe Maddon and his Rays if they win tonight.


CC Sabathia vs. David Price.

Yes, the match-up doesn’t have nearly the same ‘two CY Young winners facing off’ mojo as years past, but not because of Price.

Fact is the Trop has been Sabathia’s nemesis well before his 2013 reality check.

As the last time Sabathia earned a win at the Trop was on April 10, 2010, and he has gone 0-8 since. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Tropicana Field beat down starts tonight’ »

Yankees: See what happened to Brian McCann’s fingers


When: Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where: Yankees Stadium Bronx, NY

What: During the Yankees, 3-2 win over the Red Sox, catcher Brian McCann fingers got hit by a tipped ball of AJ Pierzynski‘s bat.

This is a close-up video of the ball hitting his fingers.

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Yankees: Stephen Drew, Stephen Drew, Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew, Adam Jones

Stephen Drew, Adam Jones (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

The time has come for the New York Yankees to pick-up the phone, and call agent Scott Boras about Stephen Drew.

After a weekend that ended with Carlos Beltran playing first base, and almost put Dean Anna behind the dish, there is no room left for denial that the Yankees need infield help now.

The Yankees dodged a bullet this weekend against the Red Sox, but this infield is way too nicked up to put the 2014 season at risk after spending like nobody’s business during the off-season.

After 13 games the infield injuries to Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Brendan Ryan, Brian Roberts, Francisco Cervelli and Brian McCann, who is heading to the doctor today gives GM Brian Cashman plenty of reasons to talk to Hal Steinbrenner about getting Drew.

Yes, it is unfortunate for Hal’s wallet that Drew is a Boras client but after blowing past the $189 million dollar mark there is zero reasons to stop now. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Stephen Drew, Stephen Drew, Stephen Drew’ »

Yankees: Did the shoe just drop?

Francisco Cervelli

Francisco Cervelli (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

13 games.

That is the number of games the 2014 New York Yankees have played.

149 games.

That is the number of games the Yankees have left to play.

This past weekend the Yankees took three of four from the Boston Red Sox, which leaves them sitting with a 7-6 record, and top of the AL East with the Rays.

The calendar might prove it is too early into the 2014 season to be concerned, but speaking as a Yankees fan it doesn’t feel like it.

Is 13 games even enough time for the shoe to start to dropping? Continue reading ‘Yankees: Did the shoe just drop?’ »

Yankees: What beating Boston tonight means?

Español: David Ortiz en 2008.

Español: David Ortiz en 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will get right to the point.

Beating Boston tonight could benefit the Yankees in more ways than one.


Last season, the playoff-less Yankees went 6-13 against the now reining World Champion Red Sox; and the embarrassment is still fresh in New York. The 2013 Yankees lost the fan base’s faith, and winning is the only thing that can repair that. Remember, the Big Apple is also home to the Mets, so Yankees fans have saw them collapse firsthand, which only made their leash of loyalty shorter. And when has beating the Champs ever been a bad thing?


Right now the Yankees are a .500 team with a 6-6 record, which lands them second in the AL East behind the Rays. Yesterday afternoon’s 7-4 win gives the Yankees a 2-1 series lead, and a chance to take the four-game set with a win tonight. Yes, it is only 13-games into the 162-game regular season, but the AL East is loaded and bottom line is 7-6 is better than 6-7. Continue reading ‘Yankees: What beating Boston tonight means?’ »

Yankees: Not Pineda’s Pine Tar Gate


Ode to Pineda’s Pine Tar Gate

The dazzling performance by starter Michael Pineda that lead the Yankees to defeat the Red Sox last night 4-1, has been entirely dwarfed by pine tar.

Surprise, surprise everyone from ESPN’s Baseball Tonight to the NY Daily News is focusing on the brown, gooey substance located on the inside part of Pineda’s right wrist and not the game of baseball that was played between one of oldest rivalry’s in sports.

Forget that Dean Anna hit his first Major League homer, or how Cesar Cabral and David Phelps struck out five Red Sox bats in the last two and half innings to seal the win for the Yankees.

And no need to mention that the Yankees bats are getting warmer, or how Captain Derek Jeter had two hits, and scored a run in his last, first regular season game vs. Boston in the Bronx.

No let’s instead over analysis Pineda’s hand in the third inning and the fifth inning until everyone’s eyes start bleeding for ultimately no reason at all.    Continue reading ‘Yankees: Not Pineda’s Pine Tar Gate’ »