New York Yankees: Who Said It Was Easy To Wave Adios New York Yankees: Who Said It Was Easy To Wave Adios New York Yankees: Who Said It Was Easy To Wave Adios

New York Yankees: Who Said It Was Easy To Wave Adios

Posada on the mound vs. Red Sox - Yankees Stadium - 08/08/2010

Even in the wake of New York’s football Giants trouncing of the Atlanta Falcons 24-2 to advance to the next round in the NFL playoffs, I couldn’t shake this sense of loss from the back of my mind.

I knew what it was, and it didn’t even come as a shock when earlier in the week ESPN’s Buster Onley reported that New York Yankee Jorge Posada was planning to retire. Even knowing the possibility of this happening, as it has loomed for some time, still didn’t make the reality of it any easier to swallow.

This is saying goodbye to one of the great ones, something that not just Yankee but all baseball fans will if not miss, certainly respect.

I feel very blessed to have grown up in New York City watching Jorge Posada’s entire 17-year career in pinstripes.

I was always in awe of his confidence as a player. Whether it was behind the plate or hitting from either side of it, Posada was a fierce competitor who aspired to win.

And win Posada did, as he was the Yankees catcher in 125 postseason games, which led to four World Series Championships 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2009. He won all four with fellow teammates Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte and Mariana Rivera, which formed the infamous Yankees “Core Four,” which is now down to just two.

I saw him catch the last pitch in the old Yankee Stadium in 2008, and hit the first home-run in the new one in 2009. I saw him lead David Wells to perfection in 1998, catch the last pitch of the 2000 World Series in Shea Stadium and was beyond proud to see him represent the AL in five All-Star Games.

Posada playing 1B vs Rays - Yankee Stadium - 09/21/2011

When you think about the modern-day Yankee dynasty, any baseball fan knows Posada was part of that nucleus.

The five-time Silver Slugger recipient was tough-as-nails, as I remember being in awe and wondering how this power, switch-hitter never once wore batting gloves.

It came as no surprise to hear Posada had offers from other teams to DH in 2012. The selfish truth is as much as I hate to see this beloved Yankee, and fan favorite leave the game of baseball, watching Jorge Posada finish his career in another team’s uniform would not feel right.

Now, as us Yankee fans wait with tears in our eyes to say goodbye to a legend rumored to be sometime in the next month, I hope Jorge Posada knows that “Hip, Hip Jorge” is forever engraved in all of our hearts.

Jorge Rafael Posada, you are the Pride, the Power and the Pinstripes.

And in the words of the great William Shakespeare:

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”  ~William Shakespeare


  1. williamjtasker says:

    Nice piece. One correction. Joe Girardi was David Cone's catcher on July 18, 1999 when Cone threw the perfect game. Posada did catch David Wells' version though.

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