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New York Yankees: The Alex Rodriguez conspiracy theory

So the Alex Rodriguez saga continues, but no one can seem to find him? 

Alex Rodriguez - Yankee Stadium.

Alex Rodriguez – Yankee Stadium.

Well according Bill Maddon of the New York Daily News :

“The latest word on Alex Rodriguez, wherever he is, is that he’s scared. Not scared because of all these revelations about his involvement with an associate named Tony Bosch, an alleged dispenser of HGH and testosterone creams in South Florida, who has also gone underground. But afraid that all these damaging stories might be part of some sort of conspiracy by greater powers (MLB? The Yankees?) to torpedo his career once and for all.”

This theory comes as no shocker, as I alluded to this idea a week ago in Are the New York Yankees justifying their own agenda regarding Alex Rodriguez 

It is no big secret that the Yankees owe A-rod $114 million over the next five seasons, and you can be sure that penny-pinching Hal Steinbrenner is sweating at night because of it.

The Yankee brass would love to weasel their way out of A-rod’s contract without having to pay the money.

The probability of this happening is zero because fact is the Yankees would have already been rid of A-rod if it were.

So what is the next best thing?

The only logical, last-ditch effort would be to get A-rod to leave New York on his own accord. The Yankees could make him feel so unwanted with the hopes of driving him out-of-town.

I got suspicious of the Yankees involvement after reading the countless articles over the last week stating that the Yankees were doing their due diligence to figure out a way to get rid of A-rod and the $114 million still owed to him.

And the odds are this can be done.


–        New York sports fans are not exactly shy about their feelings, and the majority of Yankee fans already hate A-rod so adding more fuel to that fire doesn’t hurt. Add throwing hot dogs and beers to the entire Stadium booing wouldn’t make me want to stay.

–        A-rod was never truly embraced by Captain Derek Jeter, which is like career suicide in New York. And you can bet this latest news is not going to fare well with Jeter.

–        Yankees are well aware of A-rod’s insecurities and not backing him could mentally scar him to the point of having no choice but to leave.

Just to be clear, I do not believe the relationship between Anthony Bosch, the alleged dispenser of HGH in South Florida, and A-rod was concocted out of thin air by the Yankees or some baseball “higher powers.” But I do believe the Yankees could very well be responsible for exploiting the story.

Regardless, both A-rod and Bosch have vehemently denied, via their reps, that the handwritten documents shown in the MNT article that links A-rod to over 19 types of banned substances to be completely fictitious. My guess would be that considering A-rod’s torrid history, the story will entail something along the lines of the two men crossing paths in Miami at some point but that is it.

Still, the Yankees complete lack of support for A-rod seemed very odd to me from the get-go. There was no retraction from the team about all the media outlets claiming the organization was scrambling to find a way to get A-rod out of the Bronx for good without paying him.

Normally, amid of controversy, the Yankee organization would back one of their own guys with a public statement until they are presented with factual evidence on the contrary. So what not this time?

The bottom line here is that A-rod is still a New York Yankee. The organization made sure of this when they gave A-rod a 10-year contract back in 2007 so to abandon him now for their own selfish agenda is just classless.

So I don’t blame A-rod for feeling duped by the Yankees, but he has to be truly innocent first and that is still TBD. Thou his silence is a tad suspicious.

“If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.”– Albert Einstein



  1. Kurt Smith says:

    In their books many years ago, Sparky Lyle and Billy Martin both painted a picture of Big George as a ruthless control freak who would bug conversations, use news stories to his advantage, and generally keep his people on edge almost all of the time. It's not hard to imagine that his sons might be the same way, although I agree that the Yankees probably aren't responsible for the story.

    • LLP says:

      Kurt I hear what you are saying but the difference in regards to the Boss was his intentions. The Boss did everything for the fans and to win, money was no option but Hal is not coming through with his promise of fielding a championship caliber team. If the Yankees were losing money, or even just breaking even I could understand more his reasoning behind the frugality but the franchise is LOADED. The Yankees have so much money coming in that is not reported from the YES Network, Radio, perfume, advertising, ticket sales and so that is why I was not surprised that they gave Ichiro two years, but wouldn't budge for Martin or literally any other free agent. Foreign TV rights, and more ADS because Ichiro is an icon in Japan and the whole country worships him.
      Everything seems to have a dollar sign in front of it for Hal, but when the Yankees miss the playoffs and the Stadium is even emptier sans Stub Hub maybe he will get it.
      It would be one thing if the farm system could balance out these financial losses but it doesn't so this season will be interesting.

      • Sam says:

        You win with pitching (Hello Tampa Bay Rays!!!!). We have enough to win. We have enough offense and defense to support the pitching. Who are you to say we don't have a championship team? Based on loosing a few pieces? And if we forget to hit in the playoffs, whose fault is that – Hal????? Ichoro/Gardner/Hafner (and more to come) is enough.

        Grow up!!!!

        And do you think you are sophisticated because you use sans (who does that????????

  2. Die Hard Yankee fan says:

    There must be some degree of truth to the PED story as why would the Miami paper run the risk of libel sutis? If it is untrue why is A-Rod not suing Bosch for libel as well? Truth is A-Rod has a history of insecurity, paraoia and lying so who to believe? It is not a "reach" to believe that A-Rod was taking PED again as his production has fallen off and his paranoia is unlimited. Additionally, notice the injuries to both hips, as this is common to people who have taken steroids. Where there is smoke there is fire.

    • Sam says:

      Thank you Die Hard for your medical update. I guess the Dr's are lying when they say it is NOT steroid related. But you no better.

  3. LLP says:

    Die Hard Yankee Fan – You said it best, "Where there is smoke there is fire."

    I do not know what really happend here with A-rod but the more things get revealed about Bosch alleged notes obtained by the Miami News Times, the more I question if this is true.

    Why are we just finding out that Ryan Braun's name was also scribbled in the notes? This story broke over a week ago and considering Braun's past and that he won the MVP after failing a drug test is just absurd.