The New York Yankees Are Not That Old The New York Yankees Are Not That Old The New York Yankees Are Not That Old

The New York Yankees Are Not That Old

It has not been a fun home stand in the Bronx for the New York Yankees, as the Boston Red Sox swept them and makes that a five ‘L’s’ in a row for the stumbling Bombers.

This happens every season, but the sting stays consistent as fans wonder if this might never end, but it will.

Add the Jorge Posada drama that was just sad, selfish but certainly very human as we can all relate to his situation in some sense.

Everyone from ESPN to the NY Post to the Boston Globe has turned on the Yankees already, capitalizing off a team and stirring up chaos for their own benefit.

The reference that is becoming a broken record is the age of the Yankee players and the toll it is taking on the team. I get that age as a professional athlete does take its toll but the media is acting like the Stadium is a nursing home and the player are in depends getting rolled onto the field.

So, I made a short list of the in-field players of the Yankees, Red Sox and the Phillies because they also make up each team’s daily batting line-ups.

I didn’t include pitching because Mariano Rivera defies all odds and older pitchers can still be effective. All around the majors pitching is dominating hitting so it just makes sense.

Shockingly the Yankees have lowest average age of the three power line-ups, not by much but you would never know it from the way they are portrayed.

Recall when Cliff Lee said he signed with the Phillies because the Yankees were getting too old, but obviously he must have failed math class.

What really got my blood boiling was one particular article, written by Michael Silverman of the Boston Globe, called Yankees: Start to finished.  Mr. Silverman is making big proclamations and he portrayed the Yankees in such a demeaning way that I can’t tell if he is delusional or scared.

Mr. Silverman pitching stats are outdated as the Rays took a beating from the Orioles 9-3, so how relevant can his opinion really be.

Opinions please???

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  1. Uncle Mike says:

    Cliff Lee also failed geography by saying he wanted to play "close to home," when his Arkansas hometown is further from the Texas Rangers' ballpark than Yankee Stadium is from Portland, Maine — or Richmond, Virginia. Then the dope goes and signs with Philadelphia. Now, I don't blame him for wanting to sign with a good organization, but because of the reason Lee gave for not signing with the Yankees, he's still a dope.

  2. Sean Krim says:

    Being a die hard Yankees fan it is always tough losing on a home stand, especially to the Boston Red Sox. I hate how people judge teams by a early season skid. The Bronx Bombers will be there in October fighting for their 28th World Championship and that is all that matters. Jeter and the boys know what it takes to win and have some great post season experience that will pay off when it really counts, the playoffs!