New York Yankees vs. New York Stankees New York Yankees vs. New York Stankees New York Yankees vs. New York Stankees

New York Yankees vs. New York Stankees

With all the hostility surrounding the 2012 New York Yankeeslately, I figured why not re-focus on some positives and embrace New York’s new role of being the Stankees.


After losing 6-0 to the Royals last night, the Stankees officially moved to the cellar of the AL East but that is not exactly where they need to be.

The Stankees are playing way too well still, as .500 baseball, is just unacceptable and you can thank bullpen for that. The bullpen is too good and they need to start being consistent about giving up homers.

Now you might be wondering what good can come from being the Stankees that would never have happened back when they were the Yankees?

1)    Tickets to a game at the famous Yankee Stadium will be so cheap that the Legends Seats will finally get filled even though it is with the opposing teams fans.

2)    Fans will finally stop all the whining about how money buys Championships.

3)    The AL All-Star team won’t feature half the Yankees active roster.

4)    New Yankee Stadium will irrevocably get violently fun, just like the good old days across the street.

5)    All the Joe Girardi haters will finally get their wish because the skipper is for sure to get canned.

6)    There are many fans that are demanding for the Yankees to ‘rebuild. This won’t happen if the team keeps making the playoffs, and winning the AL East division.

7)    That ‘other’ New York team can finally get a well-deserved turn in the spotlight, as the official apple in the Big Apple’s eyes.

8)    MLB Network and ESPN’s BBTN will not spend 70% of the airtime focusing on the Yankees.

9)    It will be a humbling experience for Yankee fans to feel what it like to be a fan for the other 29 teams, but not enough to shut them up.

10)  The 2012 Yankees will be considered the end of a dynasty, which is way worse than any collapse the Red Sox or Mets have had and you can bet it will be portrayed that way in every documentary made about it.


  1. Tumbleweed says:

    R.I.P., my mistake, I mean RISP…

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