New York Yankees: See ya AJ, wouldn't want to be ya, but do want to thank ya New York Yankees: See ya AJ, wouldn't want to be ya, but do want to thank ya New York Yankees: See ya AJ, wouldn't want to be ya, but do want to thank ya

New York Yankees: See ya AJ, wouldn’t want to be ya, but do want to thank ya

Ken Rosenthal of FOX SPORTS confirmed what he first tweeted, that the New York Yankees have a deal in place to trade AJ Burnettto the Pittsburgh Pirates, pending MLB Commissioner Bud Selig’s approval and passing a physical on Sunday.

Yankee Stadium Field - 2009 World Series Game 2

Well the good news for Burnett is that he doesn’t have to show his face at Yankees Camp after all the harsh media hoopla that has surrounded him leaving the Big Apple. I don’t care whether it is business or not, Burnett is a human being and going anywhere else is a better deal, even the Pirates.

For Burnett fans, like myself, and the 12 others (kidding) will certainly miss AJ. Still, going from Yankee-land to Pirates-ville can’t feel that great, as it is what I consider career suicide.

Regardless, there are still three things that I want to thank AJ Burnett for:

1) #27

I was at Yankee Stadium for Game 2 of the 2009 World Series and will never forget it. Burnett made Pedro his daddy that night, but he also sustained the Yankees from heading to Philly down two games by pitching seven magnificent innings of one-run baseball. So, thank you AJ.

2) A New Tradition.

Also, Burnett brought some fun with his infamous walk-off win pies. Running up behind the teammate who got the winning hit and smashing a pie in their face was something that Yankee Universe embraced. It became a tradition over the last three seasons, as both fans and players would wait after a walk-off win just to see Burnett come out from the dugout. So, thank you AJ.

3) Effort.

Burnett wanted to be better, as he had a ceaseless work ethic and there were many great moments where his baseball talents had anyone watching in complete awe. After 2012 season, Burnett went as far as to build a pitching facility in a barn at his Maryland home in attempts to avoid what has just happened. You have to admire the guy for trying, while facing a New York fan base that was nothing short of unkind. So, thank you AJ for loving being a Yankee that much.

Otherwise, I wish AJ Burnett all the success in the world in Pittsburgh. And my bet is AJ will make the Yankees regret ever letting him leave, and to know that at least one New York fan will be keeping tabs on him. Good luck!


The Yankees still owed Burnett $33 million for the 2012 and 2013 seasons; that is what remains of the original 5-year, $82.5MM contract he inked in the 2008-09 offseason.

The Pirates will pay the right-hander $5MM in 2012 and $8MM in 2013 as they look to help him return to his pre-2010 form. The Yankees will pay the outstanding $20 million left.

The Yankees also received prospect outfielder Exicardo Cayones and right-hander Diego Moreno in the trade, but don’t get excited about these two. 


  1. Yankmee says:

    How's that 'career suicide' looking right now?

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