New York Yankees: What is wrong with the farm system? - Lady Loves Pinstripes New York Yankees: What is wrong with the farm system? - Lady Loves Pinstripes New York Yankees: What is wrong with the farm system? - Lady Loves Pinstripes

New York Yankees: What is wrong with the farm system?

What is wrong with the New York Yankees farm system? 

New York Yankees logo.

New York Yankees logo.

I will get right to the point.

As of today, the state of the Yankees farm system is actually irrelevant.

And here is why.


Fact is it does not house the talent to immediate help the team in 2013.

Too many of the top prospects took a step back last season due to injuries and promotions. Obviously this delays a prospects development, which also calls for re-evaluation across the board.

Unfortunately, the Yankees have no Mike Trout or Bryce Harper waiting to burst onto the scene. That is not to say one or two stars won’t emerge but not anytime soon enough to help the team now.

And do not kid yourself into thinking another ‘Core Four’ is developing because it is not and never will in our lifetime again.

If some of the prospects were ready now that would work because the current Yankees have plenty of veteran stars in the mix to balance things out. In the interim, the Yankees do not want to push these kids and don’t forget their incompetence in transitioning prospects to the major league roster.

After 2013, the team will lose a lot of players like Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte and Hiroki Kuroda. But also guys like Curtis Granderson, and possibly Robinson Cano and Phil Hughes, who are all free agent eligible at the end of the season; and Brett Gardner is up in 2014. These guys will cost money, and the Yankees don’t want to spend any.

This translates into the Yankees relying on young talent with no experience, which is not going to win enough to make the playoffs.


Lets pretend that three great prospects arise from the Yankees farm system this season.

Would that make the farm system relevant?

Yes, if you want a higher ranking on ESPN’s Keith Law’s list, but otherwise it changes nothing.

Under Hal Steinbrenner’s new business model, where frugality rules and winning tales a back seat, any prospects with real Major League talent is as good as gone.

The Yankees will be forced to trade them to avoid having to pay up when they hit free agency.

Remember, Hal Steinbrenner told ESPN New York back in December, “I just feel that if you do well on the player development side and you have a good farm system, you don’t need a $220 million payroll. You can field every bit as good a team with young talent.”

Over paying players by handing out A-rod like contracts seems to be the league norm now, and the Yankees are not going to change that.

It is not secret that the Yankees generate a boatload of green from the YES Network and the team’s numerous other ventures. So no young star is going to accept, nor should they, anything less than top dollar to play or stay in the Bronx.

Not to mention that the Yankees are the most lucrative sports franchise in the entire country, and rank third in the world behind two soccer clubs.

So inevitably the Yankees will eventually have to spend serious dough no matter what if they want to compete.

And when the wealthiest owners act like killjoy, it doesn’t look good for the franchise or the sport either.

The bottom line is the Yankees farm system won’t really matter if ownership doesn’t want to spend the dough to help things along.

“For an outcome to be ‘practically certain,’ it must be more than ‘reasonably probable’ or ‘likely,’ it must approach being inevitable,” – Judge Randa.

Or as Yogi Berra stated after the Yankees lost Game 7 of the 1960 World Series to the Pirates, “We made too many wrong mistakes.”

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  1. coolnewyorker says:

    There are dozens of YB articles in Yankee page everyday and I can correctly pick which one is from or by LLP…often just from the title.

    This one is typical Kate…and it's still only February.

    OMG, she is starting early….with her patented doomsayings, cynicism, Cashman/Hal bashing and half-empty glassviewing.

    And I think she is just warming up. Scary. And annoying…and we are not April yet.

    And she swears she is a Yanks fan.

  2. George says:

    Yep we are doomed. Kate has spoken ( or written). No farm system, no money, no blah, blah blah, topped off with a Yogism. I expect that Youck, Hafner and company will lead us to 90+ wins. And Kate will be perplexed.

    • Richard says:

      If Yankee Universe is partly sunny, it will be partly cloudy to her. Now if you put a 15M player in every position, now then her mood will pick up-maybe.

      • LLP says:

        Richard the $$$ is not something I care about, but letting Martin and Soriano walk will sting at some point.

        Do you really think that the Yankees are better this year then last?

        Too many rival teams got better and while Yanks took a step back.

        • Richard says:

          The lack of spending $$$$$$$ this year is ALL you've written about. So to say you don't care is intellectual dishonesty. The Yanks (prior to Grandy's injury) are NOT worse off. I think their pitching will be better ( bullpen deeper wirh Chamberlain/Aarddsma). I like the Youck/Hafner signings. The Division is tougher so, I think 90 wins will get is to the playoffs.

          • LLP says:

            Richard – What I meant was that I do not care what a player's salary. The Yankees have $$$$ to spend and should have done so this off-season.

            You think the bullpen got deeper without Soriano??? That is crazy. It is the same group without Soriano, who saved the 2012 season so how is bullpen deeper?

    • LLP says:

      George – Do you want to make a bet me? I will wager anyone, anything that the YANKEES WILL NOT WIN 90+ games. So name your price George.

      • George says:

        A Simple George you were so RIGHT and I WAS SO wrong will suffice.

        • LLP says:

          How were you so right? Have the Yankees won 90+ games yet this season? No, so please explain how I was wrong?

  3. coolnewyorker says:

    Kate is just warming up…after all, it's not even March yet.

    I hope next time she boots her PC she remembers how always wrong she was last year. WRONG. ALWAYS. And I hope she realizes how much of a damper she has been…and probably will always be, for true Yanks fans. Then perhaps, just perhaps, she would make an effort to NOT repeat her 2012 ALWAYS WRONG(and annoying already) anti-Yankees disposition. Spare us.

    Now I wonder how she's gonna manage with Youk…a self-confessed "forever a Red Sox" in pinstripes. Kate.has not confessed yet. She maintains she is not a Red Sox fan who loves pinstripes.

    • LLP says:

      Coolnewyorker –
      1) I am not a secret Red Sox fan, but if I was I certainly have spent a lot of time building a good cover.

      2) And I was NOT ALWAYS wrong last season….I do not understand where you are getting that from.

      3) Your definition of a "true fan" means living in a dilusional world where you automatically believe the Yankees can do no wrong. Well CNY realiry is the 2013 Yankees have a TON of issues. And teams like the Angels, Dodgers, Blue Jays, Nationals and Tigers are just loaded. The Yankees watched this happen and let their starting catcher, solid bench players sign elsewhere without even an attempt to bring them back.

      These are just facts and hopefully you will get your head out of the clouds at some point to admit the truth.

  4. coolnewyorker says:

    @Kate…you were NEVER correct last year- from pre-spring to post regular season- about ALL your vicious cynical bashing "sky-is-falling" doomsayings. Worst part is you are demonstrating very early this year that you DO NOT LEARN.. You continue, albeit sans the gutter lingo (thanks goodness) the same drama-queenish "Yanks have no chance" negativism..

    I hope this is just you as an antagonistic fault-finding depressing pseudo-sportswriter. Because if you are like this in personal life, it must be hellish to be near you.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – I am just being honest and my opinion is not offbase. Last season I predicted the Yankees to win the AL East, but not the World Series. This off season I am afraid that the team took a step back, while too many other rival clubs got much better. That is not a good formula for winning.

      I was one of a few who loved the Soriano signing back in 2011 and he saved the season last year.

      I am not always correct but I do write what I feel at the moment. And if I recall you agreed with me a few times last year…..?!?!

      • coolnewyorker says:

        You gave up on the Yanks in August predicting October meltdown. You were wrong viciously bashing Hughes early and just as wrong unabashedly gushing over A-Rod late in the season and blaming the fans for Burnett's breakdown. You were wrong on Cashman's "brain-fart" trades and absolutely wrong again on the
        "washed up" veterans.

        You were ALWAYS WRONG. You were wrong in dragging down YB reading yankees fans with your antagonism and doomsayings all season long. And in the heat of the pennant drive you were sticking out as a totally dampering party pooper.

        In February 2013, you are already betting against the Yanks.

        And you have the nerve to call yourself a pinstripes lover. Hah!

        Go pal up with Youk. You are both Red Sox in pinstripes camouflage. At least Youk is disarmingly honest about it. You are just dishonestly disarming with your uncategorized STATs and quotes… and pretenses.

        • LLP says:

          CNY – Wait the Yankees did have an October meltdown, right? The Yankees I was watching got swept by the Tigers in October, what team are you talking about?

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    Your October meltdown prediction which you wrote a month in advance during a most thrilling pennant drive was that the Yanks will not make it to the playoffs. And of course, as ALWAYS you were WRONG. Not only did they make it but they won the division title….something you were sure they had absolutely no chance …with all those veterans you called "washed up".

    And as always, you do not learn…betting against the Yanks this year- in February. My goodness.

    Kate…you should be kinder to yourself. You gotta think more than twice first before you hit the keyboard. YB readers might think you are retarded.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – This season is not the same as last season. The Yankees took a step backward especially regarding letting Martin walk and Soriano go too. Other teams got significantly better, and while Toronto will need some time to adjust, it will happen so eventually. This means the Yankees have to win in April and take advantage before teams like the Blue Jays and Dodgers start rolling. Also, the Angels are stacked; Tigers added Hunter and get Victor Martinez’s bat back; Orioles get Nick Markakis etc. It will tough for the Yankees to make the playoffs this seaosn.

      And FYI I predicted the Yankees to make the playoffs in 2012… are links to prove this.

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