New York Yankees: Useless Hughes New York Yankees: Useless Hughes New York Yankees: Useless Hughes

New York Yankees: Useless Hughes

Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes (Photo credit: alexabboud)

It is no secret that I am not a Phil Hughes fan.

Out of respect I kept my mouth shut over the last three weeks instead of pointing out the obvious that Hughes three wins were against terrible teams, and the Yankees scored 19 runs in those three games combined.

In that back of my mind I marked his start in Anaheim as the game that Hughes would either prove me totally wrong, or completely right.

And unfortunately for the Yankees I was correct as the Halos bats shattered Hughes.

The Yankees handed Hughes a three run lead in the first-inning against Angels ace Jared Weaver.

Weaver left the mound after throwing just 12 pitches with a lower back injury, and no pitcher could dream up entering a game in a better place. Not that I root for any player to get injured ever but it is much easier to get run support at the hands of the Halos bullpen, which is basically required when is Hughes on the hill.

Instead, in typical Hughes-form, he was once again totally useless against a solid line-up and proved that eight runs scored is still not enough.

How anyone in Yankee Universe can defend Hughes still is beyond me. He is posting 12 home-runs in 10 starts, which ties sluggers Big Papi and Matt Kemp who have 24 combined in 310 at-bats.

Still, Yankee fans, GM Brain Cashman and skipper Joe Girardi are so brainwashed they continually excuse Hughes’ garbage outings, as this one was chalked up as just a bad start.

Well it is time to wake up because, as a starter, Hughes cannot beat playoff caliber teams. So, if the Yankees are still planning to be playing baseball come October this is a major issue.

Hughes gave up 11 hits, was tagged for seven earned runs, fanned just three and lasted only 4.5 innings. He gave up the 3-0 lead immediately in the first inning; and even though the Yankees offense battled back, Hughes was once again useless.

And as usual Girardi is keeping Hughes in the rotation, as Newsday reported the skipper had this to say in the post-game, after the Yankees 9-8 loss:

“I think it’s always important for players to have bounce- back nights. Pitchers, I think it’s really important for them and for us as a team. He’s had to bounce back after some bad starts already this year and he put together a decent streak, so maybe he can get on another streak.”

Well, brace yourselves Yankee fans, as Hughes will face Tigers ace Justin Verlander this Sunday in Detroit; and this one could get really ugly, really fast.

Just like the Halos, the Tigers have been awful this season so facing Hughes could be just what the doctor ordered to get themselves back on track.

Bottom line is there is no doubt that Hughes stinks, so these losses are on Girardi and GM Brian Cashman for keeping him in the rotation. It is irresponsible and not in the Yankees best interests at all.

Christian minister Edwin Louis Cole once said:

“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.”


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    " How anyone in Yankee Universe can defend Hughes still is beyond me. He is posting 12 home-runs in 10 starts, which ties sluggers Big Papi and Matt Kemp who have 24 combined in 310 at-bats."

    Please explain this riveting stat you posted. I'm at a loss…..

    Hughes stunk 2 nights ago. No doubt about it. But you are loose with the facts so let me help you.

    In the Month of May which covers 6 starts:

    Hughes 3-3, 4,66 ERA, Team scored 29 runs ( 10 in 1 game)
    Nova 4-2, 5.87 ERA, Team scored 30 Runs

    Simple question: Who pitched better???????

    Yet you never write a blog on the " Greatest Pitcher of the World" Nova.

    And don't kid yourself. The reason you wrote nothing about Hughes the last 3 weeks had Nothing to do with respect; It's because he was pitching well. And yes, you have to pitch well against teams your supposed to beat.

    • Richard I was making a joke that Hughes is a home-run race with the best sluggers in baseball.
      Just to clear things up…..
      -In Hughes 3 May WINS the Yankees scored 19 runs….that is a fact.
      -Nova has beaten Rays, Red Sox, Orioles, Angels and A's.
      -Hughes has beaten Royals 2x's, Athletics and Mariners.

      Nova is developing into a starter, he has way better stuff than Hughes as he throws a hard four-seam fastball, great curve and breaking ball and a nice curve ball. Bottom line is that Nova piles up the wins, and he is in allowed to have some growing pains but Hughes has been in the Bigs since 2007 and he did not take off-season training seriously enough before 2011 season, which was a wash.

      Nova has the stuff and is learning to attack hitters better; Hughes doesn't have the stuff. His fastball is low to mid 90's but it is flat, he needs to word on his off-speed stuff. Hughes doesn't do the work b/c the Yankees let him stay in the rotation no matter what. Nova got sent down last season and it helped him.

      Hughes doesn't have the stuff to be a starter, reliever would work b/c he can go for an inning but come on you are telling me this is who you want in the playoffs against teams like the Angels or Rangers?? Rays or Orioles??? Hughes has lost to them all this season already.

      • Richard Griffith says:

        I asked a simple question. Who pitched better in May? You get hung up on wins, loses, run support etc. Who pitched better??? It was Hughes. And that's not saying much.

        I agree Nova has more upside. But he has not proved it this year. Hughes is the 5th starter. He won't be in the rotation if we get in the playoffs. No 5th ever is.

        I had so much confidence in this team. I'm not anymore.

  2. Marc says:

    Good point but if you look at their entire starting staff beyone CC and possibly Pettitte the other pitchers are poor with an occasional decent game against a poor team. The question is what do you do when your 2,3 and 4 pitchers are all really #5 pitchers. Unfortunately, CC and Pettitte won't be enough to get you through a playoff series (unless they both pitch two games and pitch lights out in those games) that is if they even make it to playoffs.

    • Richard Griffith says:

      You are correct. However, LLP only bashes Hughes whereas Kuroda and especially Nova have been struggling. Unless we start hitting with RISP and Monster Year A-rod stops striking out against everybody, we are doomed anyway.

    • I think the Yankees need to put Phelps back into the rotation b/c he has promise but they are so impatient or more like hellbent on Hughes that they are blinded here.