New York Yankees: Being to un-risky proving costly New York Yankees: Being to un-risky proving costly New York Yankees: Being to un-risky proving costly

New York Yankees: Being too un-risky proving costly

Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon notoriously gets called out for making ‘risky moves’ all the time but after this weekend’s sweep of the New York Yankees that label seems unfair and inaccurate.

A risk is supposed to be hazardous, as you are acting in spite of what could go wrong.

And the only jeopardizing things I saw during the first series of the 2012 season came from the Yankees bench. Here are the three ‘safe’ moves that potentially lost the Yankees games:

1)    Intentionally walking Rays Sean Rodriguez in the first inning, of the first game of the season against CC Sabathia was senseless. Sabathia always takes a few starts in the beginning of the season to get rolling and he was clearly struggling with his control. To purposefully bring up power hitter Carlos Pena instead of letting CC strike out Rodriguez with breaking balls, which he did later in the game was over managing the Yankees ace. It ended with Pena hitting a grand slam.

2)    Again in the first game, but in the ninth inning, Girardi walked two Rays to get to Pena again who hit a rocket to deep centerfield, which won the game for the Rays.

3)    Resting Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher in the second and third games of the season seemed like a case of paranoia. Both replacements, Nunez for Jeter in-game two and Ibanez for Swisher in-game three, committed errors that allowed for the Rays to score runs. I understand that Girardi is on a “health kick” but not after losing the first game, and against a divisional opponent. At first I thought maybe Jeter’s calf was still secretly sore but since the Captain played today that was obviously not the case.

Girardi is acting like an over-protective mother, and what good is having a healthy team in October if they are watching the playoffs with their feet up on the couch?

Maddon has confidence in his players and Girardi needs to start having, or at least faking that he does in his too.

The Yankees pay their stars to play because the reason they are stars for a reason, they know how to win.

As the great George S. Patton once said:

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”



  1. NY28 says:

    Your blog is always so painful to read. Please stop butchering the English language. Use spell-check, get a dictionary and brush up on your grammar. Thanks.

    • LLP says:

      NY28 – I am so sorry that my baseball blog has caused you such pain. Please be more specific as it is easier to be just critical than to actually go about it constructively.

      Did you not get the point I was making in my post?

  2. Radames Negron says:

    Mom Girardi is taking care of his little kids, wow