New York Yankees: Uh-Oh You Forgot Derek Jeter Can Still Play Baseball New York Yankees: Uh-Oh You Forgot Derek Jeter Can Still Play Baseball New York Yankees: Uh-Oh You Forgot Derek Jeter Can Still Play Baseball

New York Yankees: Uh-Oh You Forgot Derek Jeter Can Still Play Baseball

First let me make one thing clear, I have never once doubted the baseball ability of New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter on this blog.

The same cannot be said for most of the sports media, as across the board no one has had Jeter’s back.

Has Jeter been struggling?

Yes, but the headlines were harsh and the stories themselves were even worse, especially for a player that has never left reporters hanging after a game.

To say all the negativity didn’t affect Jeter would be ludicrous, as it was one of the hottest topics since Brett Favre dropped off the earth.

Just rehashing the hysteria after Jeter was awarded the 2010 Gold Glove at shortstop makes my head spin. Articles like Rob Neyer‘s Gold Glove results mixed, as usual was just downright mean. A lot of the blame for articles like the above goes to ESPN, who should never let Neyer write about the Yankees in the first place. My guess is Rob Klapisch might regret writing this article a little to early Derek Jeter seems back in swing of things for Yankees published just a week ago on May 2nd and makes you wonder why the person Klapisch quoted wanted to remain anonymous?

Did everyone forget who votes for the Gold Glove awards? The managers and coaches from all 30 teams, who probably know a lot more about what makes a good shortstop than most. And I highly doubt that they voted for Jeter because he is popular.

Capitalizing off players who are struggling is not the same as reporting it and Jeter is a prime example. I know it sells papers and draws in viewers but is it worth bringing down one of the good guys?

Remember when the NY Post photo-shopped Jeter wearing a Red Sox uniform; or when GM Brian Cashman and Skipper Joe Girardi‘s quotes were taken out of context to make it seem like Jeter was an incompetent shortstop and the outfield was inevitable? I sure do.

Just a week ago when Jeter exited the Tigers game in the eighth inning with a sore hip, the media reported him as being benched the next night, when Girardi clearly said he gave Jeter the night off. Big difference between the two scenarios.

I could go on forever rehashing examples of all the Jeter bashing that has gone on, but if you are thinking this is just another arrogant Yankee fan who would never insult the great Derek Jeter then you are completely correct.

I love Jeter and I want him to do well. At the same time I am realistic that age plays a part in his profession, but why doesn’t that rule seem to apply to everyone? I fully admit that Jeter is not the same player he once was, but I will not act like he should check-in to the nearest nursing home or imply that the Yankees should look into electric wheelchairs to cart the Captain in either.

I mean how many ‘baseball experts’ picked the San Francisco Giants to repeat in 2011 but just overlooked who would be manning shortstop for them? Or what about Marlins Hanley Ramirez just getting his first homerun last week after posting 21 strikeouts? Or why Boston’s Dustin Pedroia is struggling or how Phillies Raul Ibanez was 0-57 until three days ago and he will be 40 years-old this June?

All I am saying is play fair with all players, not just the popular ones. Especially since most of Jeter’s biggest critics have already hooped right back on the Captain’s bang wagon again, that is for sure.

Now go find someone else to pick on because the Captain is just starting to get his stride back, and I can assure you he won’t be the one looking foolish in the end.


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  1. Uncle Mike says:

    I notice Lisa Swan of Subway Squawkers has been quiet lately. Maybe now she'll perk up since her boy A-Rod appears to be breaking out of his own slump.

    • Kate Conroy says:

      Lisa has an article questioning Cashman….and whether he is Jeter bashing.

      Cashman likes Derek Jeter so does every fan, player, coach, manager etc. that wears the pinstripes. jeter is even liked by all die-hard Mets fans…at least the ones I know and they hate the Yankees but they admire Jeter.

      Poor man…deserves a break for real!!

  2. Frank Spero says:

    lisa swan arod is baseballs tiger woods HE SUCKS he only hits homeruns when they don't do any good (last night 11 to 5 arod hits onr solo) spit on him and as far jeter goes he had slum, why you azzholes the best players in the game have them jeter included hes no spring chiken granted but he's still great period

    • Kate Conroy says:

      Frank I am a tad confuse by your response???

      Let me start by stating that I am a HUGE Lisa Swan fan and respect her opinions immensely.

      Regarding A-rod, he is just in a slump like Jeter but I disagree that he sucks. I like A-rod and just last Tuesday vs. Royals…A-rod had the clutch hit that drove in the two runs to put the Yankees ahead to win. I was there so your argument is not totally accurate or fair. Don't hate the player, love the team.