New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Rangers Got Yu But Could Use Hughes Too New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Rangers Got Yu But Could Use Hughes Too New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Rangers Got Yu But Could Use Hughes Too

New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Rangers Got Yu But Could Use Hughes Too

Ok so the Texas Rangers finally got their man, as Japanese pitching phenom Yu Darvish signed a 6-year, $60 million deal to play in Arlington.

Add in the $52 million posting fee the Rangers paid to talk to Darvish for a month, (= $1.7 million per day) and that makes a grand total of roughly $111.7 million.

That’s a lot of dough to pay for a pitcher with zero MLB experience, but the Rangers really had no choice in the matter after letting CJ Wilson walk into the arms of the division rival Angels.

The Rangers are gambling on Darvish, just like the Yankees and Red Sox did with Kei Igawa and Dice-K.

Can Darvish rewrite recent history by being the same dominate pitcher he was in Japan?

That is what the Rangers are counting on, but they are not alone.

David Schoenfield of ESPN’s Sweet Spot wasted no time Ranking The Five Best Starting Rotations this past Thursday morning, and he ranked the Rangers third behind only the Angels and Phillies.

Darvish was obviously the difference maker for Schoenfield when he wrote that… Darvish is expected to be the ace of this team.

The fact is no one can accurately judge an unproven, foreign pitcher’s worth before he ever steps on a MLB mound.

Maybe Schoenfield also forgot the huge risk that comes with Japanese pitchers. Or maybe he didn’t know that 25-year old Darvish has thrown 200+ innings in his last four seasons in Japan and just signed with a team that completely shuns the use of “innings limit.”

Since Darvish is the first expensive toy for the new Rangers ownership, easing him without implementing an innings limit is something Texas needs to reconsider about.

How Phil Hughes Could Help?

With the new Yankee additions of pitchers Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda, the starting rotation is overloaded with CC Sabathia, Freddy Garcia, Ivan Nova, AJ Burnett and Phil Hughes.

So, that leaves options of sending one arm to the bullpen, and another out-of-town.

It is no secret that the Yankees GM Brian Cashman has thrown Burnett’s name around town, but unloading him with 3-years and $33 million left on his deal is not so appealing. Unless the Yankees want to eat a ton of the money, and get a sub par player in return, it looks like Burnett is here to stay. I like Burnett so that is fine with me.

Hughes would be a cheap option for a team to pick up with his $3.2 million salary. Even though Hughes legitimacy as a starter remains questionable, he has proven solid out of the bullpen.

With the Rangers rumored to be moving closer Neftali Feliz to the rotation, and with Matt Harrison and Derek Holland having both thrown 200 innings in 2011, grabbing Hughes might not be a bad idea if something doesn’t work.

A lot of things need to happen a certain way for the Rangers rotation to gel, so an inexpensive backup plan already in place might be what keeps them competitive in the AL West down the stretch.

Hughes might be the Rangers saving grace in waiting, while also eliminating a spot on the Yankees overcrowded roster.

Oh and FYI…. ESPN’s Sweet Spot should never have ranked the Texas Rangers as one of the top five rotations heading into the 2012 season. That is unless ESPN ranks off presumptions and completely disregards statistical facts.


  1. richard says:

    Like the plane Not the plan. Hughes is not going to be traded to a AL Rival. Hughes will make the rotation (if healthy) and then ESPN can start ranking us in top 2 or 3 (ok, 4 not bad). But rankings mean little, don't they?

    And who would Texas give us for Hughes by the way?????

    • Rangers have a good farm system and we could take prospects. I just have no faith in Hughes…

      The rankings were written by a Yankee hater but I was more surprised by the Rays and Giants being worse than Texas….

  2. Logical says:

    Give Hughes the ball and let him ROCK!! he is only 25 and after witnessing Melky Cabera begin to turn it up I say it is time to leave our youngsters alone! Especially after seeing Montero go bye bye , bring up Vazquez as the DH with some Kevin Long Help he should be ok

  3. John Wasylyk says:

    You know some of the bull that I've read from "lady Pinstripes" has really been pitifully wild and thoughtless in the past but this one really tops them.
    Why would the Yankees trade a relatively cheap starting pitcher to potentially a rival that they will meet in the playoffs assuming both teams actually make it and keep Burnett in the starting rotation. And..with the success that Hughes has had out of the bullpen…well that says it all.
    What bullspit!!!..l.can't actually believe somebody wrote something like this.

    • Thanks John….but I think Hughes has been more of a problem and I do not see him getting anywhere near the masked level he had in the frist half-season in 2010.

      Hughes is not a starting pitcher….and if you recall Hughes STUNK in the postseason in 2009.

      Burnett is to expensive to go anywhere so stop even thinking that is going to happen…..because it is not happening.

      Hughes really lost me when I heard how he trained last off-season, as it shows a lack of effort and bad attitude. He was forced by the Yankees to train properly this off-season, and that should not be the case.

      Sorry for all the BULL you read on my blog but I have the right to my opinion, and you don't have to read it. No one is forcing you so blame yourself John.

      • Richard Griffith says:

        When Hughes makes the rotation (unless traded) will you come out and say you were wrong????. I'll remind you don't worry!!!!!. If your right, I will of course recognize your instinctive and somewhat expert analysis (it'll be hard)

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    Kate, you must be the only one who still likes Burnett, I'm betting even his mother would bounce him from the rotation. As for Texas wanting Hughes, why? He sucks, and has been injured repeatedly. He's no team's answer, unless the question is how do we make ourselves worse? But I do understand, we all have our favorites that can't exactly be explained. I was always a fan of Girardi behind the plate and Brosius at 3B.
    Richard, Hughes is not going to make the rotation unless BOTH Burnett and Garcia are traded or injured. Neither can pitch out of the pen, whereas Hughes can. Plus there still exists the possibility that Hughes can improve, something that cannot be said for the others as they are known quantities.

    • Tom let's first see if Hughes will want to pitchout of the crowded bullpen….and if he still can. He was not great in relieve in the postseason in 2009. I just don't see Hughes with only 2 pitches being a relevant starter.

  5. Tanned Tom says:

    Logical, "let him rock"? he could barely reach home plate last year. And please don't use Cabrera as a guide, this player was demoted, then traded because he wouldn't get into top shape and was a bad influence on Cano, and made repeated mental errors in the outfield. 18 HRs and a .305 BA in KC hardly means he has arrived. His strike outs were way up, his walks down and his OBP a very so-what .339 (his career OBP is .331). This sounds like a player who started swinging for the long ball. Oh, and Kevin Long is already on record as saying Vazquez would be a .200 hitter in the bigs. So it'll be A-Fraud, Jones and days off from the field for the older players at the DH spot.

  6. Chris J says:

    Burnett has $33 million left on his contract, but that's over two years and not three. They won't be able to unload him unless they agree to pick up at least 80% of that.

    • Thanks for the correction but 2 or 3 years….no difference no one will take him and the Yankees would be stupid to eat $20+ million to get a sub par pitcher too.

  7. Hughes could prove me wrong but unless his work ethic took a HUGE 180 and he added a solid third pitch again, he is a goner.

  8. john says:

    That's just crazy talk. The Rangers went into last season without even knowing who 3-5 were going to be, but they stuck to their plan of keeping it in the system. If a starter slips Ogando becomes a starter again, then Kirkman, Perez…..then maybe you could talk about a trade but who would John Daniels be willing to give up for Huge A$$. If anything, Hamilton might be on the block in July (if not in contention) and that would require the kind of youthful players and prospects the Yanks don't have anymore. They would definately go shopping for prospects with that talent (remember the Atl deal for Teix) from a "buisness friendly " team.

    You never here about great players being traded from NY to anyone because thats not how it works. The league is a Yankee farm system not the other way around. If someone doesn't work out in NY they end up in places like Oakland, Japan, or retirement.

  9. Frank Spero says:

    all i can say is they better get thier stuff together and why not get rid of that a$$hole of burnette the sooner faster the better

  10. Richard Griffith says:

    When Hughes makes the rotation (unless traded) will you come out and say you were wrong????. I'll remind you don't worry!!!!!. If your right, I will of course recognize your instinctive and somewhat expert analysis (it'll be hard)

    • Yes!!! I will be the first person to admit that i was wrong. I will even write a post about Hughes and about how wrong I was about him…..but should he make the rotation, don't you think Hughes has to prove himself over a couple starts???

      Since I stand firm that Hughes will not make the rotation, I will write about that but the is pending there are no injuries that force Hughes into a starting role because that is not the sam thing.

      After CC I don't know what the exact order will be but the fifth spot will go to Garcia, or Burnett is my guess.

    • And if I am right…..why will it be so hard to recognize my "instinctive and somewhat expert analysis?"

      I never claimed to be the above, and if I am right it is just my gut from observing Hughes since day one.

  11. Richard Griffith says:

    It goes without saying that he must prove himself. This is the Yankees after all. That goes for all the others since we have the luxury of 7 starters and and the B’s.

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