New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Apologize To AJ Burnett New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Apologize To AJ Burnett New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Apologize To AJ Burnett

New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Apologize To AJ Burnett

I might be the only New York Yankees fan who doesn’t think trading AJ Burnett, as New York Post’s George E. King confirmed the rumor to be true, is a good idea.

Here are my three reasons why:

1)    If Burnett goes to an AL East team or a playoff contender, the Yankees might have to face AJ down the stretch. And if you forgot why the Yankees signed Burnett in the first place, a main reason was that they hated facing him. Wouldn’t that be a slap in the face if that started happening again?

2)    The Yankees will have to eat $8 million of the $33 million still owed to AJ , but what will they get back for him? It is a risk because the Yankee are not going to get an arm with a better skill set than Burnett type, and acquiring a worse pitcher isn’t worth it.

3)    Also Burnett is liked by his teammates, he works hard and was the only positive thing that came out of the 2011 ALDS. Fact remains that Burnett came through when the team needed him most, under intense pressure of win or bust Game 4, and he did it not in Yankee Stadium. That is more than I can say about the rest of the Yankees.

So, now that everyone knows about Burnett being offered up, you have to presume word got back to him as well.

Let’s think…what is the percentage of a Burnett-trade happening?

Slim to none, as teams want young players so they can cultivate them within their own systems. Teams are more likely to ask for Montero, Betances, Nunez or Gardner.

So, what did the Yankees really carry out here?

Nothing team-wise.

GM Brian Cashman has himself to thank about giving more anxiety to a pitcher who so obviously struggles mentally already. And I believe an “I am sorry” phone call is in order before the season starts.

Putting Burnett on the trade block was unnecessary, unrealistic and plain out pointless. There was no need to act so desperate in my opinion.

So, I want to apologize to AJ Burnett and thank him for stepping it up in the playoffs when no one else could.

Fact is the 2009 Yankees would not have won the World Series without AJ Burnett; and that makes him well worth the alternative of still looking for #27, instead of #28.

That is the same guy who kept the 2011 Yankees alive for another day when it matters most in Yankees Universe, and that is in October.


  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Wow Kate, you are really off the reservation on this one. My counter arguments: 1) Burnett isn't remotely the pitcher who used to be tough on NY before 2009, not even close. His velocity is down, his movement has decreased, he can't command the inside corner anymore. His ERA has gone from 4-ish to 5-ish. I'll be happy to face him any day. 2) What they receive in return is irrelevant. By trading him you open up a spot in the rotation. Any one who takes that 5th slot, Noesi, Colon, whomever, will probably better the 5.15 ERA Burnett had in 2011. You almost can't do worse (unless your name is John Lackey or Phil Hughes).

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    3) The only positive out of the 2011 playoffs? How about Posada hitting .429; Gardner hitting .412 with 5 RBIs; Cano hitting .318 with 2 HRs and 9 RBIs; Hughes, Logan, Rivera, Robertson, and Wade all putting 0.00 ERAs? As for Burnett's performance, once again he couldn't get out of the 6th inning, gave up a HR. 4 hits, 4 walks and was completely saved from a meltdown by 2 great plays by Granderson. Those catches don't get made and he gives up 5 earned runs, only one gets caught and he gives up 3 ERs. I give him credit for gutting his way through, but let's not celebrate over it. If it wasn't for his salary he would've been cut after 2010. At this point it is merciful and in the player's best interest to trade him and allow him to work things out or fail outside the glare of the NY media. In the team's best interest too.

    • LLP says:

      Tom – you have the right to your opinion, but I think Burnett will bounce back in 2012. He was a vital arm in the 2009 World Series win; Game 2…can't deny that!!!!

      • Tanned Tom says:

        Yes he was good in game 2 of the 2009 WS, but as Richard notes below his ERA for the two games he pitched was 7.00 !
        For 1 game, 1 game, you're giving him a pass on the last 2 years of awfulness? Is there another starter in all of baseball with a higher ERA over the last 2 years? Yes, just one. John Lackey. Burnett has been the second worst starter in all of baseball over the last 2 years. A WS contending team never has the 2nd worst starter in all of baseball in their rotation.

        • LLP says:

          1 game can be all the difference…..Red Sox just needed to win 1 game this to get to the postseason this year.

          I can promise you that if Burnett had not stepped it up in Game 2 the Yankees would have been in trouble….down 0-2 on their way for 3 games in Philly. The Yankees would have been 2-3 heading into Game 6, not 3-1.

          If the the NYG had not lost that horrifying Philly game last season….Packers would not have been in the playoffs.

          So, yes 1 game can make a difference.

  3. Frank Spero says:

    i hate to say this but your one hundred percent right hopefully the asshole will start to look like the pitcher he is in 2012

    • LLP says:

      Frank thank you…look I have been to more Burnett starts that give me massive anxiety but I still think the guy can be better than the last two seasons. Yankee fans are so quick to dismiss players, as they boo and act like entitled clowns. Trust me trading Burnett and having to face him would hurt!!

  4. Richard Griffith says:

    "Fact is the 2009 Yankees would not have won the World Series without AJ Burnett; "

    What??? AJ went 1-1, 7ER in 9 innings, 1.556 WHIP. Matsui was the MVP. Your really off base on this one. Also;

    • LLP says:

      Really, so Game 2 of the WS when the Yankees were down 0-1……Burnett's start avoided 0-2 and that is a fact Richard. I am not alone on this one, and their are a lot of Yankees players that were critical to the 2009 WS win and Burnett was one of them.

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