New York Yankees: TGIF New York Yankees: TGIF New York Yankees: TGIF

New York Yankees: TGIF

Waking up yesterday morning, I had that pit in my stomach and you can bet I wasn’t the only New Yorker with that feeling.

On Opening Day 2010 at Yankee Stadium, Derek J...

I had realized that last Friday night might have been the last time I ever would hear ENTER SANDMAN blasting over the speakers at Yankee Stadium.

Like most baseball fans, I was distraught and now would have the weekend to think about things.

That is until Mo confirmed in the visiting clubhouse at Kauffman Stadium, “I’m coming back. Write it down in big letters. I’m not going out like this,” and all of a sudden I smiled again.

Yes, losing Mo for a season stinks, but it doesn’t compare to the feeling it left when it was possibly for forever.

Friday continued to get better as the Yankees snapped a three-game losing streak beating the Royals 6-2.

Ace CC Sabathia took charge throwing for eight solid innings, and Captain Derek Jeter went 2-for-5 with a two-run homer and drove in two runs.

All that came to my mind was TGIF…thank God it’s Friday.

And that is when I started digging around the web for some other Yankees-positives, a tad silly yes but figured I might as well would share a few:

–       Yankees bats have 40 homers on the season, the most in the Bigs.

–       Yankees pitching have the second most SO’s with 220, just one behind the Nationals.

–       Jeter has .404 BA and is tied with Dodgers Matt Kemp for best in baseball but the Captain has the most hits with 46.

–       Curtis Granderson has most homers in AL with 9 so far this season.

–       Yankees have made nine fielding errors this season, which is the least in the Majors but tied with the Red Sox.

–       The Yankees on May 4, 2012 was 13-12; ironically on May 4, 2009 the Yankees were also 13-12.