New York Yankees: Terrible Tuesday New York Yankees: Terrible Tuesday New York Yankees: Terrible Tuesday

New York Yankees: Terrible Tuesday

It is crunch time in MLB, as teams will battle for a coveted spot in October till the bitter end.

The New York Yankees are right in the mix, but until any team clinches my advice is not to presume anything; as presumption is the mother of all… get it?

So one would think as a Yankee fan all things are good, but unfortunately that is not the case. Specifically, it is three things that have agitated me over the last four days, so thought I would share them:

1) Why I actually wanted the Red Sox to win their last two games?

After watching another discouraging finish in the Bronx last night, I realized that the New York Yankees did not only loss a game to the Oakland Athletics for the second night in a row 6-4. They also lost the series and the lead in the AL East.

While the Yankees were embarrassing themselves again on Tuesday night, the Red Sox taught the Texas Rangers a lesson in Arlington for the second night in a row. In turn, Boston flip-flopped spots with New York but just a game separates the two rivals.

Taking a back seat in the AL East, even by as little as a game normally would bother me but not when beating the Texas Rangers is the alternative. For some reason the Rangers make me cringe, even more than the Red Sox. This has nothing to do with the 2010 ALCS because I have had these uncontrollable feelings of disgust about Texas for about five years now.

It is not as if I was cheering for the Red Sox agreeably, but the Rangers need a good kick in the you know what, mainly because the media is constantly throwing Texas a bone and it drives me crazy.

2) Not A-rod Again?

On Tuesday night, A-rod was not in the Yankees line-up, leaving the Yankees once again without their cleanup hitter. A-rod just made his return a day earlier after spending seven weeks on the DL and supposedly was healed, healthy and ready to help out his team.

Surely all Yankee fans must have been dumbfounded when the TV cameras flashed to A-rod, only to see his left hand thoroughly taped up.

Supposedly this bandage was to protect A-rod’s “thumb jam” that he suffered during his first outing. I have jammed my thumb and all in needed was a good, hard pull and presto…. thumb jam was over.

Whatever actually happened or how hurt A-rod really is will remain a mystery until the Yankees realize that everyone knows they are lying, and covering up the severity of the injury at hand. This is nothing new, as this is the typical approach of the Yankees front office, but that doesn’t mean I ever have to get used to it.

Maybe A-rod is trying to play the sympathy card heading into Friday’s meeting with the Commissioner Bud Selig to reflect more off-the-field antics; this time A-rod better know when to fold’em. Oh wait he can’t because of his newly injured thumb.

Who knows if this is something to worry about, but until A-rod is on the field don’t think all is well.

3) The Captain Is Another No Show.

All I can say is that Captain Derek Jeter is lucky that he is hitting like the old days again because his lack of participation to be friends with his teammates is an utter disgrace. Jeter just never seems to show up to his fellow Yankee players’ events.

As the team’s Captain exhibiting support off the field is fundamental because it materializes into camaraderie away from baseball. These bonds form the backbone behind championship teams, and they need to start at the top.

Point is that I was reading Page Six in yesterday’s NY Post, and the feature was on Yankee closer David Robertson’s Unite for Tornado Relief charity event from the earlier evening. The point of the shindig, hosted at Southern Hospitality, was to raise money for victims of the hurricanes that recently occurred down in Tuscaloosa, AL; which happens to also be Robertson’s hometown.

Nick Swisher, his actress wife Joanna, CC Sabathia, Curtis Granderson, Russell Martin, Darryl Strawberry and yes, Alex Rodriguez all came to support a cause that was so close to Roberson personally.

Donde esta el Capitan, again?


  1. "The Captain Is Another No Show"

    Do you remember his comments and attitude, last year after the death of Bob Sheppard…and lack of any Yankee players at the ceremony!!!

    Losing The Boss just two days later.

    I can't believe he didn't help Houdini and his wife on that worthy project. He was probably gallivanting around with his grossly overrated girlfriend, Minka Kelly.

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