New York Yankees: Team details New York Yankees: Team details New York Yankees: Team details

New York Yankees: Team details


The New York Yankees (57-34) continued their domination yesterday afternoon with a 6-0 win over the Toronto Blue Jays, completing a three-game sweep of their AL East rivals.

The Jays literally left the Bronx limping, as slugger Jose Bautista was placed on the 15-DL with wrist inflammation; and third baseman Brett Lawrie suffered a right calf contusion (bad bruise) after smashing into a cameraman on a play yesterday.

As for the Yankees they got their ace back, and I can personally confirm that CC Sabathia can still throw the nasty stuff.

Next up for the Bombers is a seven-game road trip out West, four vs. the hot Oakland A’s, followed by a three-game set vs. the Mariners.

The Yankees left New York with a comfortable 10-game lead in the AL East but the team knows all to well that no lead is safe.

Russell Martin reiterated these sentiments to’s Bryan Hoch following yesterday’s game:

“No lead is big enough. I think we’re just going to keep pushing and try to win as many games as possible. It’d be nice to win 100 games. We’ve just got to keep fighting, keep playing hard. If we do that, we’ll be right where we need to be.”

The Yankees might be the best team in baseball for the moment, but fans shouldn’t start to saving money for postseason tickets just yet, so Yankee fans need to curb it for now.

You would think New Yorkers would know better after witnessing the fall of the 2007 Mets; and who in their right mind could forget how 2011 ended for the Braves and Red Sox?

So don’t get your panties in a ruffle just yet as the Yankees as a team are not #1 in everything, not even close.

Below are the Yankees team stats, along with where they rank among the 29 other MLB clubs in each category. The stats are thru end of all July 18th games.

Team PitchingStatMLB Ranking
Earned Run Average:3.7510
Runs Allowed:3698
Run Support:4.973

Team BattingStatMLB Ranking
Home Runs:1451
Stolen Bases:4924
Total Bases:14191


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    Most knowledgeable fans realize that a 9 game lead with 70 to go is nice but hardly a done deal. Nor do we have to be #1 is every statistical category. But I'll take runs scored and runs allowed for starters as appetizers and # of wins as the main course :)

  2. KCC says:

    Most MLB fans think that the Yankees have a guaranteed playoff spot already… me I hear it all the time. I remember watching the Red Sox collapse last season. Also, the Cardinals were not the best team in the regular season but this year you want to win the division as the WC spots are too risky.

    The A' s look like a Moneyball team again….and they are scrappy too. Let's hope the Yankees get a W tonight….

  3. Damian Minko says:

    My man swisher should stay with the team for the rest of his career, he has earned it, what a contributor. Complete package,team player, I love watching him express his emotions,very positive. Cut the payroll somewhere else,keep this player. There have been decisions I haven't agreed in the past about players picked up or traded. I'm sure George would like to see the team make it to the playoffs and go all the way. I am a long lasting diehard fan and will continue to support Yankee baseball.

    • LLP says:

      Damian I LOVE Swisher too but he will get other offers and the Yankees might not want to give him years that other teams could also. Swisher's personality is more vital than the Yankees want to admit because they are not paying players to be friends here. Swish would be a welcome addition anywhere and it will be the Yankees loss and another team's gain if he is sent packing.