New York Yankees Were Not Supposed To Win New York Yankees Were Not Supposed To Win New York Yankees Were Not Supposed To Win

New York Yankees Were Not Supposed To Win

The 2011 New York Yankees are the AL East Division Champions.

According to pretty much every baseball expert on earth, the champagne was supposed to be flowing in Boston at Fenway Park. Don’t you remember??? Let me remind you….

The Yankees own GM Brian Cashman thought the Red Sox were the better team when asked by Boston Globe’s Peter Abrahams back in January.

In ESPN’s predictions for the 2011 MLB season, all 45 analysts chose the Red Sox to win the division and 34 have Boston penciled in to win the World Series as well. Once you see the cover of the 2011 October issue of ESPN The Magazine, the above numbers are not such a surprise because the network has always seemed to belong in Red Sox Nation.

FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal’s prediction became a collective theme among baseball experts about the Yankees:

“Only question is which starting pitcher — or two — they will acquire.”

Even here at Lady Loves Pinstripes, I wrote this about the Yankees in my 2011 Predictions:

“The Yankees have more holes to fill than fans would like.”

Well, these predictions so far have been very wrong.

The Yankees didn’t acquire a pitcher at the trade deadline, which many claimed to be the Bombers last shot to avoid postseason exile. With the trade market being so slim, GM Cashman decided instead to stick it out with what they already got.

And that was Freddie Garcia and Bartolo Colon; cause without these two the Yankees would not have popped champagne on Wednesday night. The storyline was quality start, after quality start as these two veterans carried the Yankees in the first four months of the season.

The Yankees were not short of injuries, as they were riddled for most of the season. So, if Boston wants to ride the injury, pity party train, please be my guest. The Yankees didn’t use it as an excuse they just worked even harder. And FYI…there is a lot of non- Red Sox players dinged up, especially at this time of year.

Look, no one can deny that in the face of adversity the Yankees are where everyone anticipated the Red Sox would be.

The Yankees certainly deserve all the credit in the world for believing in themselves, while continually fighting when no one had their backs and winning on the cheap, by New York standards of course.

As Samuel L. Jackson would say:

“Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes, on this motherfucking plane.”  

I am sure the Yankees feel the same.


  1. Uncle Mike says:

    Bravo. I couldn't have said it better myself — and I have tried.

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