New York Yankees: Sports Illustrated gives new meaning to overrated New York Yankees: Sports Illustrated gives new meaning to overrated New York Yankees: Sports Illustrated gives new meaning to overrated

New York Yankees: Sports Illustrated gives new meaning to overrated

If you haven’t heard yet, Sports Illustrated recently released a poll asking 228 MLB players:

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Who is the Most Overrated Position Player in Baseball?

And the winners, listed in order were as follows:

  1. 1.          Alex Rodriguez
  2. 2.          Derek Jeter
  3. 3.          Jayson Werth
  4. 4.          Nick Swisher
  5. 5.          Albert Pujols
  6. 6.          Ichiro Suzuki
  7. 7.          Hanley Ramirez
  8. 8.          Jayson Heyward
  9. 9.          David Wright
  10. 10.       Coco Crisp

It is no shocker that the New York Yankees have ‘the most overrated’ players’ in baseball landing in three of the top five spots for 2012.

This also marks the second year in a row that A-rod nabbed the top spot, while his teammate Jeter and Nationals Werth both jumped up a spot from 2011.

If you didn’t know Jeter was SI’s 2008 overrated champ, but I guess winning his fifth WS championship deserves a little creditability, right?

Oh and lets not forget Swisher, as finally the energy-filled outfielder broke into the top 10 by making the biggest leap going from sixth to fourth among voters.


This SI feature is obviously an annual event, as I have read some type of most overrated in baseball survey results for at least five years now.

So presumably this means the answers are based on the past seasons performance…right?

And what about busts like Joe Mauer, John Lackey, Carl Crawford, Chase Utley, Jason Bay and Vernon Wells?

And do not say that being habitually on the DL doesn’t count because if you are not on baseball field you are not producing anything…right?

Overall it seems that the responses are based more on individual paychecks, and non-baseball related issues than actually the question that SI clearly states … to choose the most overrated position player in baseball.

Now I am wondering whom SI picked as the 228 voters because they seem pretty dumb or just overcome by jealousy?

My guess and hope would be the latter because that would be logical.

I mean try to find me a guy who wouldn’t want to:

–       Walk in Jeter’s shoes for a day.

–       Ink a Werth’s worth contract.

–       Love the game like Swisher does.

–       Win three MLB MVP awards like A-rod.

–       Considered Jeter’s equal like Wright.

–       Be a National icon for playing baseball like Ichiro is in Japan.

–       Born with the raw baseball talent that Heyward and Ramirez have.

–       To be called the best player EVER like Pujols.

Also, why doesn’t SI publicize the ‘voters’ names?

I wish SI would take a re-vote but this time the players’ names would be published next to their answers; and my guess is the results would be different.


Here are some facts about what it takes to be labeled overrated:

–       Between A-rod, Jeter, Werth, Swisher and Pujols they have won a joint 10 World Series rings, 6 MVPs, 18 Silver Sluggers, and have a combined net worth that is bigger than the National debt.

–       All top five winners have won a World Series Championship within the last five seasons.

–       Jayson Heyward won the ROY in 2010, and had a sophomore slump but is playing pretty well this season.

–       David Wright has the third best BA (.351) through the first half of 2012 season.

–       Ichiro has had 10 consecutive 200-hit seasons.

So how are SI’s 10 most overrated players performing in 2012?

Here are the top 10’s June stats:

Stats courtesy of

 Maybe SI should ask the same 228 players if they think winning is overrated too, as the group above seems more like an All-Star roster to me.

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