New York Yankees: One Sox Down, Six Soxs To Go And A New Attitude New York Yankees: One Sox Down, Six Soxs To Go And A New Attitude New York Yankees: One Sox Down, Six Soxs To Go And A New Attitude

New York Yankees: One Sox Down, Six Soxs To Go And A New Attitude

The New York Yankees won the first game in Chicago 3-2, as Ozzie and his White Sox just couldn’t muster much even against off a so-so CC Sabathia.

An off night for Sabathia was still good enough to earn him his MLB leading 16th win, with just enough help from the Yankee bats to make sure that it happened.

So one SOX down and six SOXs to go, as the Yankees have three more in the Windy City before heading to Boston for a three-game weekend series against the Red Sox.

This is just not any old road trip because their team and fans pride will be on the line against the Red Sox. Remember the Yankees are now 1-8 against Boston, and the last two series were sweeps in the Bronx.

It makes me sick to even type the above; and it doesn’t help when every media outlet has preached how overmatched the Yankees in comparison to their division rivals.

Look no one can negate statistics, as they clearly confirm that Boston victimized the Yankees like you read about and that is just not going to fly in Yankee Universe.

Add that to the Yankees just acted so out of character by standing firmly at the trade deadline that they are confident with what they already have.

Whether GM Brian Cashman was acting sensibly or stupidly has Yankee fans spilt down the middle.

Being an outsider, while other teams improve themselves is clearly not something that Yankee universe is used too. Especially with teams like the Phillies behaving so Yankee-like by nabbing Hunter Pence from the Astros. I mean wasn’t getting Cliff Lee during the offseason enough?

I am intrigued and proud that the Yankees are going to see what these youngsters can do instead of making some desperate trade in a panic.

A few days before last Sunday’s deadline YES Jack Curry tweeted that Cashman said:

“We aren’t going to do anything stupid.”

Personally, this new attitude of sticking with the homegrown talent could be just what the doctor ordered in the Bronx.

Is it enough for the Yankees to get in the playoffs?

In my opinion, Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances and Austin Romaine bring an unpolluted enthusiasm that the Yankee players are not accustomed too. It is the kind of eagerness that can’t be unmatched, no matter the clubhouse; but something the Yankees have craved for years.

These players are also uber-talented and trust me get to know their names now because they are the future.

I can’t verify that all Yankee fans agree with my sentiments, but for some reason the way Cashman has handled this, just feels very right.


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  3. Frank Spero says:

    who were the jackasses who let the red SUX back in it at the beginning these same asshole yankees and a freddie garcia who looked terrified every time he threw the pitch in one of the first yankee-boston show down of the season

  4. Juke Early says:

    Just like steroid/HGH use was obvious to anyone who was paying attention, it's obvious the last few seasons especially, that collusion is going on again. This time, it's the rest of MLB holding the NYY to a higher standard of player(s) a team will take in a trade. I don't believe the rest of baseball should serve as Yankee farm teams: I do like to see different teams earn a WS ring. Naturally not v. the NYY and then, only after the Yanks are out of it. Bud Selig and clowns like the TX Rangers moron & Jack Off ZZZZ in Seattle are in cahoots.

    No way you give up Banuelos – so that's one for Cashman. The Yankees bring along one, maybe two keeper homegrown SP a generation — which is beyond pathetic. As good as Mel Stottlemeyer & Ron Guidry were, we remember them because, that was all there was — just as later with Andy & Mo. Wow, that's weak. Yankees virtually depend on other teams going on almost a half century for their stoppers & closers-until Rivera (himself a failed NYY SP! ).

    That new attitude better include some balls. AND baseball brains. Not to mention W's. . ..

    • Kate says:

      Juke Early —- I hear you but the new attitude is scary because a lot of unknowns that need to be solved by prospects. Can it work? Sure, but recently the NYY don't have the best history with handling their young pitchers, so it has to be done better than it was with Hughes, Joba and Kennedy.

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