New York Yankees: Solving Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees: Solving Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees: Solving Alex Rodriguez

New York Yankees: Solving Alex Rodriguez

It is no big secret that something is wrong with Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees talks w...

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees talks with former Yankee great Reggie jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many Yankee fans are convinced that because A-rod hit four hard balls in last night’s 6-1 win over the Blue Jays that he is primed to get hot but I am not so convinced this is a baseball issue.

Think about it….

Yankee fans have never warmed up to him.

He recently got hung out to dry by one of his baseball idols, mentors and supposed friend, Reggie Jackson in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated.

His own peers even voted him the most overrated player in the game today, again.

My gosh, I am shocked that A-rod even wants to play baseball any longer, let alone live.

What I don’t understand is how someone with such natural talent like A-rod could decline so fast?

It just seems very abnormal, and you have to speculate that something else is on with A-rod.

So, I have complied a list of possible blames behind the lack of A-rod’s production:

1 – Steroids/PEDs after effects speeds up aging process.

2 – Time to give Torrie Wilson the Heisman, as A-rod always seems to slump pre-dumping and then comes back raking.

3 – Reggie Jackson situation brought back abandonment issues from his childhood so back to the shrink.

4 – Overdoing everything from diet, to workouts, to trying hard to please everyone else with every at-bat.

5 – His own fan base actually yearns for him to fail, which just sucks. period.

The number of excuses and blames could go on forever, and in all honesty I do not even think A-rod knows really knows the issue just yet.

And please do not give me the, ‘he is turning 37-years old in a week.’

Unless you can explain how Jeter, Pettitte, Mo, Ibanez, Big Papi, Kuroda etc. who are all older can still be productive, while Rodriguez just goes completely flat.

Fact is minus last season, when he spent 60+ games on the DL, A-rod had posted 30+ homers and 100+ RBIs in the 13 seasons prior, and with those numbers you just don’t drop off the earth suddenly.

A-rod even told Newsday’s Eric Boland back on June 16th that he wakes up “giddy” every morning and said it’s because he’s never felt better.

So, what gives?

I am leaning toward #2 on the list above, no offense meant towards Ms. Wilson but in the past A-rod tends to rake when he gets a taste freedom.

What do you think A-rod’s problem is??? 


  1. Treat Williams says:

    Number #2 for sure. That would distract anyone.

    • LLP says:

      A-rod always struggles when stuff is going south with his current athletic, blonde of the season.

  2. coolnewyorker says:

    What's A-Rod's problem? You don't know what everybody knows?.

    A-Rod does not do well under presure. Overwhelming majority of his HOF numbers are pointless- namely, in lopsided scoring games when whatever he does is no longer relevant to the team but very much so to his journey to Cooperstown .

    Games between Yanks and Red Sox are always pressure filled, especially in Boston. Over there, he goes into his now familiar disappearing acts. Same is true in playoffs.

    In 2009, for some reason, he became a team player and thrived in clutch situations. Alas, that was it. He was never clutch before and after.

    Very simple…A-Rod is not a clutch player, especially so in pinstripes. And Yanks fans know that. And that's why fans for the most part do not embrace him as a true Yankee. And that is the big contrasting difference between Capt'n Clutch and A-Rod… numbers/STATs, notwithstanding.