New York Yankees: Snoozing not scoring New York Yankees: Snoozing not scoring New York Yankees: Snoozing not scoring

New York Yankees: Snoozing not scoring

After feasting on the Royals, and then sweeping an even weaker ball club in Oakland over this Memorial Day weekend, the New York Yankees

Derek Jeter bats against the Orioles on 4-19-08.

headed to Anaheim to face the Angels with a five game winning streak.

Well, the Yankees fought for eight innings but unfortunately there are nine innings in a baseball game.

The game was tied 8-8 heading into the ninth and the Yankees had the opportunity to win this game but as usual the Bombers loaded up the bases and couldn’t gather up enough to drive in a run.

Unfortunately for the Yankees, Halos prospect Mike Trumbo does not suffer from the same angst as he demolished a ball into left field to win the game.

A lot of fans emailed me wondering why Girardi brought in Corey Wade to pitch in the ninth inning instead of Rafael Soriano?

First, it was not a close situation, which shouldn’t factor into a tied game like this one because Soriano was good to go and the Yankees fought hard to stay in it.

Still, sending Wade in was a solid call by Girardi as Wade has held 50 righty batters to a .180 average and has only given up one homer so far this season.

I understand why Soriano might have seemed to be the better option as Wade’s soft tossing is frightening at times but he has actually been phenomenal this season; and it is his job to bridge to Soriano until David Robertson returns.

Trumbo had gone 2 for 4, with a double and a triple before he hit the walk-off homer so whoever was on the mound would have had their hands full regardless.

Wait, there was another lost opportunity in Anaheim…

The Yankees missed a rare chance to capitalize in the AL East standings, as both the Rays and Orioles lost and that has not happened too much this season.

The Yankee line-up certainly lived up to their .227 batting average in the ninth inning or later, which is 20th worst in baseball as they left 11 men on-base and went 3 for 11 with runners in scoring position (RISP).

Still, what I find so frustrating about that is that under the same circumstances the Halos bats have a .206 average but somehow they muster up a walk-off win; and

The Yankees continue to load up the bases for nothing and this time it was the Captain at the plate in the ninth with the bases loaded. And just for a spilt second I felt that old clutch excitement until Jeter dinged the first pitch in front of the Angels shortstop.

So instead of trailing by 1.5 games, the Yankees remain stalled in third place, sitting 2.5 games in back of the O’s and Rays who are tied at the top.

Last night’s 9-8 lose was a heartbreaking way to end Memorial Day Weekend but more importantly it doesn’t breed any more confidence in the Yankees than I did a week ago when they couldn’t win.

Now is the time for the Yankees to show us some darn consistency because this team has still not played up to their potential.


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  1. ken says:

    hughes should have been yanked a lot earlier it never should have come down to the ninth inning