New York Yankees: Are you going to sink or swim? New York Yankees: Are you going to sink or swim? New York Yankees: Are you going to sink or swim?

New York Yankees: Are you going to sink or swim?

Nick Swisher - 'roll call'


The New York Yankees wrapped up the four game series in Kansas City with a 10-4 win, splitting the series 2-2 with the Royals.

Phil Hughes got the win, and he did pitch better but reality is the Yankee bats were really responsible for the win yesterday.

As Ibanez and Granderson each had a RBI; followed by Cano’s much-needed grand slam and Swisher’s solo shot both in the third; and finally A-Rod joined the party with a three-run bomb in the eighth.

It was great to see Cano break out of his slump, as that was only his second shot on the season but hopefully a sign of good things to come.

The Captain’s hot bat showed zero signs of slowing down, hitting a double off the first pitch thrown in the game and had a successful bunt in the third. Teixeira also helped out by drawing two walks in the game.


The excuse of ‘it still early in the season’ has about worn its welcome but even more so for teams who live in the AL East.

Reality bites and it will sooner than you think if the Yankees don’t get the ball rolling here. They sit at 15-13 on the season, fourth in the division and four games back of the 19-9 Orioles.

Behind the division leading O’s by a half-a-game are the Rays, who will be in the Bronx on Tuesday for a three game set.

What a perfect opportunity for the Yankees to capitalize off their schedule and get out of the AL East cellar that they now share with the Red Sox who are a pathetic 11-16.

Why the sense of urgency here?

jones, grandy & swish

See, I get that there are over 130 games left in the regular season, but so far, the AL East is loaded top to bottom; and regardless of the past, you have to presume it will stay that way.

And when a division is that closely competitive the separation within will happen faster, which means when a team falls behind catching up will be that much harder.

The Yankees cannot relay on their usual second-half surge like they have in the past, as there might not be that usual AL East team to feast on, which helps them jump in the standings later in the season.

It would be stupid for the Yankees to presume that the O’s and Blue Jays are destined to falter, or that the Red Sox will not get better.

So, what does this mean?

Plain and simple…the Yankees need to start winning now because otherwise they could be clawing their way out of a hole for the rest of the season. This is all pending on the AL East remaining as competitive as it is right now, which is the only logical way to look at it.

As literary great Marie de Gournay once said:

“Ignorance is the mother of presumption.”

I still firmly believe that the Yankees are better than their record, but it is about time they prove it.

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  1. Richard Griffith says:

    For 1 game the Bats came to play, and Hughes had his first quality start. He was consistently at 93/94. If he continues to pitch this way as a 5th starter ( after Pettite) or long man after Phelps (doubtful) I'm feeling better.