New York Yankees Rumors Go To Starbucks And CC Sabathia To The Phillies New York Yankees Rumors Go To Starbucks And CC Sabathia To The Phillies New York Yankees Rumors Go To Starbucks And CC Sabathia To The Phillies

New York Yankees Rumors: Go To Starbucks And CC Sabathia To The Phillies

Every afternoon, I hit up Starbucks for my midday coffee fix and today was no different.

As I waited for my triple-skim-grande-wet cappuccino with an extra shot, the part time manager was behind the machines and he happens to be a huge Seattle Mariners fan, as well as a stats guru.

Having our normal banter, I told him how good young ace Michael Pineda looked and was surprised that he had no innings limit for the rest of 2011.

Also, I said that in if Seattle could trade for a legit, big bat they could win the AL West. He agreed completely, but was happy that I took notice.

As he handed me my drink, we are going back and forth about pitching, he remark about how stellar CC Sabathia has been. I concurred, and went on to ramble about how lucky the Yankees were to have Sabathia.

That is until I heard this angry voice behind me say, “Sabathia is not a good pitcher, not even close.”

In complete shock I spun around to see a larger woman glaring at me with a Philadelphia Phillies lanyard around her neck.

Rarely am I ever at a loss for words, but in this instance I froze. The woman didn’t stop, as she continued on her crusade.

“Sabathia stinks in the Post Season, like he did in 2009. He is not good at all.”

My shock quickly turned to anger, “Do you not remember 2009??? FYI.. Your Phillies are not the ones with the World Series rings.”

Not responding to my question, this Philly fan went on a tangent, “Sabathia is gone after this year anyway because he is going to become a free agent and go elsewhere. He wants to leave too for more money.”

She was half-right, but I corrected her, “Of course Sabathia will opt out, and the Yankees will pay up ASAP to make sure he stays. That is the only reason Sabathia would hit the free agent market, it would be dumb if he didn’t use the clause in his favor.”

Not liking my answer she responded, “The Yankees can’t afford him. You can kiss him goodbye, like Cliff Lee, end of story.”

Now she was talking crazy, but I looked her dead in the eye and said, “Money is the least of the Yankees problems. You are implying that Philly will go after Sabathia but it is no secret that Phillies ownership was tapped out after Lee signed. Your Phillies have no righty bat and if they had the money Jayson Werth would still be a Philly.”

She started following me as I walked towards the door and started yelling, “Oh yea, you just wait and see the Phillies can get whomever they want. Sabathia is as good as gone. Remember what happened last year?? “

Not being able to help myself, I turned around and reiterated her original argument, “Excuse me but according to you Sabathia is not a good pitcher!?! Now your Phillies want him?? And can afford a contract bigger than Lee’s?”

She looked back at me with a silent death stare.

I glared back, and wanted to yell, ‘It was so nice meeting you, but my advice is to take your head out of your large ass. Fact is Sabathia is staying; and your Phillies can’t spend more money. Please remove that Philly lanyard because it is cutting off the oxygen to your brain and muddying your judgment.’

Instead I just turned and walked away, but my blood was boiling.

How the hell could a person, even a Phillies fan utter such foolish comments, and in a packed Starbucks in New York City? Obviously this woman loves her team, but come on….

I forced myself not to turn back, but I could sense her eyes on my back as I walked up the block.

Guess I can add ignorant fool’ to my ever-growing, Why The Phillies Need Better Fans Cause They Are The Worst list.

This ‘rumor’ or fact, unless you live in the crazy, Phanatic lady’s head, is NEVER going to happen; even if the Phillies had money to spend, Sabathia would/could never do that to the pinstripes.

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  1. Juke Early says:

    Yikes> BTW how big was her ass?

    • Kate says:

      HUGE….she was no looker….but had the thickest Phillies lanyard I have ever seen hanging around her neck with about 10 keys jiggling on it.

      She might have been able to take me, as size-wise she had unfair advantage but she would have to catch me first.

  2. Mike says:

    I agree that Sabathia will most likely just resign with the Yankees. The Phillies don't need more starting pitching and it would be pointless to make a long term deal with someone with Sabathia's body type anyways. What is true is that Sabathia would sign with the Phillies for the right amount. Lets be honest, he will go where ever will give him the most money. Just look at Johnny Damon leaving the Red Sox for more money with the Yankees. It's rare for a player today to turn down more money elsewhere to play where they actually want to play.

    P.S. I don't know why that woman said 2009 as an example, because it was a good postseason for Sabathia….But it was also pretty much his only good postseason.


    2001 CLE 1 0 3.00 1 6.0 6 5 5 .261 1.83

    2007 CLE 1 2 8.80 3 15.1 21 13 14 .350 2.22

    2008 MIL 0 1 12.27 1 3.2 6 4 5 .353 2.73

    2009 NYY 3 1 1.98 5 36.1 28 9 32 .209 1.02

    2010 NYY 2 0 5.63 3 16.0 22 7 15 .333 1.81

    CAREER 7 4 4.66 13 77.1 83 38 71 .277 1.56

    • Kate says:

      Mike you are right, the Phillies don't need CC but they don't have the money to ink a the deal CC will get. They need a righty power bat; as it will hurt them in the playoffs.

      Last season's Giants only won the WS b/c their bats woke up to support their flawless rotation. It was no easy road but some clutch hits were necessary to win it. I know everyone talks about pitching, but a team has to hit eventually.

      • Mike says:

        All I am saying is that he will go where the money is, but it will not be coming from the Phillies because we dont need him. I dont honestly believe the Phillies are topped out in money, but Sabathia would be too much.

        Also I am pretty sure the Phillies are getting the hits when they need them. Of course they could use a righty power bat, but see them at 20 games over .500 with the best record in baseball, I don't think it is necessary.

        The pace that Phillies pitching is on in a single series is near untouchable (even with 2 starters on the DL and 3 of their top relievers now on the DL too)

  3. Get Rube A Beer says:

    CC could opt out and go elsewhere…He never originally wanted to sign in NY but the money became too large. I doubt he would sign in Philly but that would be sweet. Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Sabathia and Blanton…Sheesh…

    • Kate says:

      GET RUBE A BEER – CC did not want to come to NYC as he is from the West Coast but that all has changed as he has said over and over that his family lives here year round and LOVES it!!

    • al says:

      In Spring of 08 The Tribe finished off its last spring training in Winter Haven, Florida. I had a buddy who owned a Spanish Restaurant. CC, V-mart and some others frequented it. My buddy being a Mets fan asked CC if he would end up in NY as a met. I believe CC replied, if I end up in NY it would probably be in Pinstripes. As early as spring of 08 everyone and their mother knew CC would be traded that year and become a Yankee the follwing year. The Yankees were interested in CC in '08 but they didn't have the prospects to lure the Tribe.

  4. Bryce says:

    Don't make that lady out to be a true Phillies fan. She's probably just an ignorant woman from Philly stuck in New York trying to keep her Philadelphia identity around. Either way, the Yanks have some pretty nasty fans as well. I was at game 2 in 09, and I will never go to the Bronx to watch a game again. Fans throwing batteries at my wife and I, spitting at me, and trying to start a fight with us in the parking lot before our drive home. What a bunch of ruthless clowns. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. Oh, and I've met my fair share of moronic Yankees and Giants fans here in Pa. At least some of you are humble about the Knicks.

    • Kate says:

      But Bryce….there is such a thing as a dumb fan??!?!?!!!! It doesn't make them any less true or loyal.

      • Mike says:

        There is definitely such a thing as a dumb fan…maybe ignorant is a better way to put it. When you have a winning team you almost always will have bandwagon fans who know nothing about the team and sometimes even the sport. But I know if I had to live in a city full of millions of fans that dislike my home team I too would have a short fuse with anyone who was willing to fight me about it.

        Also you totally ignored the rest of his comments. I have never meet any fans as self entitled then fans from NYC. When you have the most fans, the likelihood that you have the most ignorant fans is high.

        • Kate says:

          Entitled?? More like expect to win….and when did wanting the best for your team become a bad thing. Yankee fans like to win, NYC is a competitive place and we pride ourselves in our sports teams. The Yankees have a lot of arrogant fans, but I have never heard one say that Roy Halladay sucks.

          • Mike says:

            People can't say someone sucks if they don't know how they are or anything about the game(though they try). I used the word entitled because it fit perfectly what I was talking about.

            en·ti·tle –verb

   give (a person or thing) a title, right, or claim to something; furnish with grounds for laying claim: His executive position entitled him to certain courtesies rarely accorded others.

            I wasn't talking about wanting to win(if you don't want that then your just not a fan). What I'm talking about is how they act. They fell they have the right to do or say anything they want because of who they are and what their team has done.

    • al says:

      Funny, the other day I entered into an argument with a Yankee fan who had no clue as to Russel's Martin's season numbers and tried to equate him to Cervelli. Everyone has an oponion eventhough it might be a dumbass opinion. Same fan cited that the reason the Red Sox were losing was because Adrian Gonzalez had been replaced by Papi during Interleague play, this based on article in a Red Sox blog that said that Terry Francona was thinking of putting Papi at first and shifting Gonzalez to the outfield. It had not happened yet, the article was a couple of days old and most Yankee fans already knew of it and also knew that Adrian had not missed one game during Inter league play. I thought it was hilarious that a Yankee fan would defend the Red Sox losing streak by sayin that Gonzalez had not been playing. It wasn't until the next day that Francona replaced Adrian at first with Papi but only to move Adrian to RF so he could have both sticks in the lineup. I believe Big Papi Went 0-4 to add to his streak at the time of 0-16. Anway, my point is that all teams have ignorant fans even the Yankees.

  5. mike says:

    I agree Phlly fans are the absolute worst. The phillies don't sell out every game, oh wait they do. The phillies fans only boo, oh wait they don't need to be told when to cheer. In the 08 playoffs the Philly faithful stood and cheered during an at-bat by Brett Myers early in the game, acknowledging how important his walk was off CC. And yeah the Philly fans are so ignorant and stupid that no professional athlete would want to play there. Oh wait did Cliff Lee not pass up more money from the yankees to go play in the terrible city of Philadelphia. I wonder why, ohh yeah we get sports. We are blue collar fans that go to the game to have a hotdog not to eat sushi and drink martinis. Not to mention the yankee fans spit on Mrs. Lee during the 2010 postseason, very classy. And to talk more about CC, he is a good pitcher and has proven to be a top three starter. CC is not great though. Since coming to the yankees he has had a subpar ERA and gets a lot of wins because of the yankee offense. I would also be very surprised to see him come to philadelphia because I believe the phillies will go for offense this offseason. They will have money to spend though. Ibanez, lidge, oswalt, and blanton will all be gone which opens up a lot of money to spend. To end this comment I would like to say that there are fans in every city that come off as stupid so don't let one woman at a starbucks in NyY make your opinion.

    • Juan says:

      Darn those yankee phans spitting on people they should be classier like the phoolies phans and vomit on little girls like they do in citizens bank park! Haha

      • Mike says:

        Those weren't fans, they were drunk messed up people. Its not an excuse for what happened, but I would like to bet that not every Yankees fan that spat on opposing fans at the park were drunk.

      • Kate says:

        Juan that is correct!!! At the 2009 WS I got pushed in the ladies room b/c I had a NYY hat on. Also, I got threatened by a man (phillies fan) that I wouldn't get out of there alive. Real class….

        • Mike says:

          Kate what comes around goes around. Phillies fans in NY wouldn't have it any better. No one deserves to be treated that, especially as we have seen this year in Los Angeles with the attack on the giants fans. But passion turns to aggression easily when your confronted on your home turf. Its a down fall of fans all over, not just in Philadelphia. It's a serious issue but instead of fighting the opposition we all should be calling out our fellow fans. Its the only way we can make a positive impact.

    • Paul says:

      Man I agree that yanks fans can be pricks, but please get your facts straight about CC. Not tryin to make any 'top 5 pitcher in the league' sort of argument here, but calling sabathia's era 'subpar' since he's come to the yanks is just plain foolish.

      2009: 3.37

      2010: 3.18

      2011: 3.05

      Pitching in the AL East no less…pretty stellar ERA if you ask me. Would it kill you to look up someone's numbers before you nonchalantly reference them?

    • Kate says:

      Mike in my opinion, Sabathia is worth every penny.

      • Mike says:

        The question is whether or not he will be worth it when he is in his mid to late 30s. History shows that his body type doesn't hold up well when age sets in, but only time will tell.

  6. Juan says:

    The phillies phans are awesome!! they win one world series champion ship I mean wait 2 worldseries championships not to mention Yankees beat the philthies in 1950 and 2009 does history repeat its self or do the philthies just suck ? Just asking ? and the phillies of 2011 they are the best baseball team ever…..sike! get over it philthies! crybabies I love the phrillies because they sucked and lost for the past 100 years constantly and will continue to do so chase for 28 here we goooooooooo#TruthHurts

    • Mike says:

      And Juan….being an underdog makes you actually appreciate success when you get it

      • Kate says:

        Cause the Phillies are the 2011 underdogs??? I would say the NYY are way more underdogs this season considering every expert under the sun said so.

        • Mike says:

          Kate if you would just take a look back at history, and truly read what I wrote you will see that we have been the underdogs for a very long time (being a losing team for the most part of over 100 years) NOW that we have found consistent success over a 4 year stretch we can appreciate it what we have.

  7. mike says:

    Ok. The yankees had to build a homerun stadium so they could keep buying championships. Otherwise their lackluster team built around a bunch of guys that swing for the fences would be embarrassing to NY. Id rather win two then buy 27 anyway.

    • Kate says:

      Oh and the Phillies don't spend money???? FYI….Citizens Bank is the smallest stadium in MLB. It is a band box.

  8. Juan says:

    Build home run stadiums? Yankee stadium is bigger than cbp ya nut citizens bank park is short as big as my back yard! Balls don't fly there because those girls in that parks strikeout all day haha o and buying championships? Oops I forgot oswalt halladay and lee were philadelphia home grown yankees signed minor league deals with pitchers and are atop of the al east now that's great scouting! Ahhhhh can't spell envy without the NY! I love New York….o philadelphia has delicious cheesesteaks I was down there during game 3 of the world series when the Yankees won and hmmmm genos is delicious the pizza is crappy there though I love philthadelphia!

    • Mike says:

      Ignorance is bliss isn't it? Actually New Yankee Stadium is no bigger than CBP. Center field in Yankee Stadium is only 7 feet more than CBP at 408. But at the corners Yankee Stadium are 318 in left and 314 in right. CBP however is 329 in left and 330 in right. Not to mention the right field porch at Yankee Stadium with the short wall makes homers to right extremely easy. If you would remember back to when your park opened that was all the press was talking about.

      • Kate says:

        CBP has not on-deck circle. I was practically on home plate sitting 9 rows from the field….please Mike the Phillies can't even score in the CBP b/c you stupidly let Werth go and have no righty bats. At least the NYY are knocking it out of every park.

        • Mike says:

          Kate I am confused how foul territory has anything to do with what is being discussed here. The only affect is that fielders have less room to catch pop-up behind the plate. Otherwise I would say I love the set up from a fan prospective. I have been in the diamond club and it feel like you are in the game. What is there to complain about?

          Also saying that CBP is the smallest stadium ins't true in any. It ranks around the middle in both seating capacity and field square footage. It is a smaller park but you are just totally wrong in calling it the smallest.

          Also we disagree that letting Werth go was stupid. With him we would be a better team, but giving him anything close to the deal that Washington gave him would be a mistake.

          One last note for you. Here are the homerun Home/Road slits.


          Home- 46 Games, 71 HR (59.6% of total)

          Road- 37 Games, 48 HR (40.4% of total)


          Home- 46 Games, 41 HR (59.4% of total)

          Road- 40 Games, 28 HR (40.6% of total)

          As you will see the percentages are almost exactly the same, and the Phillies have played 3 less games (all road games) than the Yankees.

    • Mike says:

      Also Juan, as the 25-Man Rosters stand now (including DL) I am counting 11 Yankees players that started in the major leagues with the yankees out of 28 players. The Phillies have 15 such players out of 29 players. Do not know who all was drafted by each team, but I know Hamels, Howard, Utley, Rollins, Madson, Brown, and Ruiz were all definitely drafted by the Phillies. That is 5 out of 8 every day starters, one Ace pitcher, and one excellent closer.

    • Kate says:


  9. Juan says:

    Haha my park? I wish it was! beautiful stadium! Good research how long it take you to gather up all that info

  10. Juan says:

    @mike those are actually good facts! I'm just teasing sticking up for kate the reality is both teams are great! Hitting pitching and defense are all great the gm's have put together great teams! Neither team is better than the other on or off the field they are equally competitive both teams and citites have rich history! The amount of championships or amount of money or quality starting pitching line doesn't matter both teams are competitive and want to win and watching it is fun! The phans on the other hand are even more fun bragging rights and jokes! Let the best team win they both are very very great 2011 teams!

  11. fish says:

    who has a better record this year the phillies or yankees? who has a payroll over 1000000000000 dollars and just waste it on talentless players (A.J Burnett) if we suck so much why did Cliff Lee decide to sign with us instead of the yankees even though they offered more money A because he wanted to be here and B a Yankee fan spit on his wife when Texas was playing you in the ALCS and you lost btw so i would not be talking about bad fans you are the worst fans ever.

    • Juan says:

      Hahahahahaha I know phillies fans are better they get intoxicated high and throw up on little girls at citizens bank park darn those yankee fans why can't they have more class like the phrillies phans at cbp #lmao

    • Kate says:

      Who is in an easier league the Yankees or the Phillies?? Also, have you checked both teams schedules??? The Yankees have it a wee-bit harder!!

  12. Ryan says:

    Phillies fans are the worst fans, but we can fill up our Stadium…when was the last Yankees sellout? I agree that CC isn't coming to the Phillies, nor do I want him. Phillies have three pitchers that are all better than CC Hallady, Hamels, and Lee all have lower ERAs and lower WHIPs. And the Phillies could afford him, but they want to stay under the Luxury Tax, which I agree with. And I am not saying CC sucks, I think he is a very good pitcher, I just think Halladay, Hamels and Lee are better. And I also agree that the lady is an idiot, but your assessment of the Werth situation shows your ignorance on the deal. Phillies management doesn't overpay for players which is what they would have to do to keep Werth. They gave him a great deal and he turned it down for one worth more money, but where he will never see the post season again. Werth wanted top player in the league money and he just isn't on that level, he was protected by batting behind Howard.

  13. Juan says:

    Hahahaha the phoolies phans are so envious I love phillies will never have or be what the yankees have been stein brenner invested his money on his team and took pride and so do the fans of New York have you seen Jimmy Rollins on his thoughts of the phoolies phans they are all front runners only root when the team wins and boo when the team loses when the phrillies start losing the stadiums empty when the yankees lose the stadium will always be packed and always has been since 1903 I love philthadelphia phans where were they before 2008??????????? #frontRunners like Jroll said

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