New York Yankees Rumors: Alex Rodriguez Injuries Mount New York Yankees Rumors: Alex Rodriguez Injuries Mount New York Yankees Rumors: Alex Rodriguez Injuries Mount

New York Yankees Rumors: Alex Rodriguez Injuries Mount

It was impossible to miss New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez’s especially slow stride in the third inning during Saturday’s 8-3 win vs. the Colorado Rockies.

As Yankee fans gasp in fright at what looked to be their worst nightmare unfolding right in front of them, another injury to the team’s cleanup hitter.

See, just a week ago an anonymous clubhouse attendant spilled some hush-hush news to ESPN New York’s Wallace Matthews, that A-rod was suffering from a left shoulder injury.

As the news broke back on June 20th, the Yankees immediately went into defensive mode. In typical fashion, manager Joe Girardi did what he is supposed to do and using phrases like “nothing serious” and “just sore” when asked about the his best hitters condition.

As the day went on, A-rod disclosed this problem dated back early May in a game down in Texas against the Rangers and has had treatment on it ever since.

Still, A-rod kept stuck with his original explanation:

“It’s not bad. It’s like what I told you guys out there, just normal soreness.”

Now back to this past Saturday.

Unless he runs on his hands, A-rod’s slow gallop off that third-inning double indicated that another body part was feeling some pain.

Following the Yankees 8-3 win,’s Matt Fortuna tweeted that A-rod had a sore right knee and had dealt with it since last Sunday night in Chicago.

So, the same night A-rod’s shoulder gets revealed, he also met another injury to his right knee.

A-rod acknowledged the problem and had this to say to the New York Daily News:

“It’s getting better. There are some injuries you can play through and some you can’t. This one is one I feel like I can play through.”

This is starting to sound like a broken record over in Yankee camp, and one the fans have heard many a time out of the players and coaches mouths.

In A-rod’s specific case, the limping made it way to noticeable so what other choice did they have but to blame it on A-rod’s prone for bruising.

Anything other than a lack for going deep, this last week A-rod posted 10 hits, eight RBIs, four doubles, two walks and posting a batting average of .556.

Regardless of how bad things really are for A-Rod, he is still a vital producer in the Yankees line-up.

If A-rod’s status goes from bruised to DL stint, things will get ugly really fast.

No matter if you are an A-rod hater or lover, fact remains that the team is better when he plays. So losing A-rod for a game, two, or three, is better than what could wind up being weeks.

All of Yankees universe will be keeping an eye on the situation because with every new revelation things are only growing worse.

Let’s just pray that no other injury rumors about A-rod bruising come to surface this week and that the road to recovery is working and not just prolonging the unavoidable.

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