New York Yankees Are Out So Who To Root For In Postseason New York Yankees Are Out So Who To Root For In Postseason New York Yankees Are Out So Who To Root For In Postseason

New York Yankees Are Out So Who To Root For In Postseason

Everyone is well aware that the 2011 New York Yankees season is over; to be precise it concluded last Thursday in a heart wrenching ALDS Game 5 loss to the Detroit Tigers.

The 3-2 loss was about the worst thing I have ever saw at Yankee Stadium. It felt like a little of New York City’s heart broke that night and to say the fans didn’t do their job would be a crime, as the Stadium was as electric and more filled than the 2009 World Series…no joke.

Well, onward and upward as the postseason keeps moving forward with the Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals and Detroit Tigers.

Not sure how many New York, or East Coast viewers will be tuning into watch both Championship Series, but as a baseball fan you can bet that I plan to watch until the last out of the World Series.

My problem is that I have no answer for this one question that I have been asked about 20 times over the last three days by everyone from my Mom to the guy at Starbucks.

“Who do you want to win the 2011 World Series? You know since the Yankees lost.”

It is a legitimate question, but please note this does not entail me cheering for another team at all. Only which team would I not throw my remote at the TV with if they were to win.

For me no matter the sport, if my team is not in the championship there is usually one team that I wouldn’t mind winning a title. This has never been the easiest choice in the past, so why is it almost impossible this time?

Maybe because out of the four remaining postseason teams, somehow, individually have an aspect that bothers the hell out of me; and in turn, I just can’t commit.


If you don’t know who T-Plush is by now, please accept my apology in advance.

T-Plush is short for Tony Plush, which is the self-appointed “name on the field” or his “gentleman’s name” of the outspoken, outfielder Nyjer Morgan.

Morgan annoys the hell out of me because his antics are so ridiculous that it takes away from his talent. Morgan has been known to start trouble for no reason with opposing teams, flicks off fans, and looks for trouble too much.

I get the love/hate thing Brewers fans have with T-Plush because he does come through in the clutch, followed by shouting some f-bombs in his post game interviews that I guess are amusing. Still, the day Tony Plush ran his mouth at Cardinals Albert Pujols was arrogance gone overboard. Funny thing is now look who his Brewers NLCS opponents are…guess Nyjer needs a tall glass of Shut-the Plush-Up.

Texas Rangers:

I have stuck to the theory that the Rangers are so overrated and get thrown bones left and right from ESPN, MLB Network etc. Excuses, and more excuses for a team that plays in the AL West. The Rangers will come back down to earth once the Angels get Kendry Morales back in 2012, and considering 37 of their 2011 wins were against the Mariners, A’s and Indians speaks volumes.

Watching them play this postseason, I realize they are better than I thought and that pisses me off more. The Rangers bats rank top five in almost every stats category and they strikeout the least in the AL. Darn them. At least the Yankees beat them seven of nine times in the regular season, but that means about zero now.

Detroit Tigers:

Closer Jose Valverde.

Need I repeat that again? Didn’t think so….

St. Louis Cardinals:

Here is another team that can do no wrong in the eyes of the sports media. What is most troublesome is that  the Cardinals front office would ever let anyone think they could take Albert Pujols out of St. Louis; he is the best player in baseball and it is time to hand over the blank check.

Otherwise, the Cardinals don’t bother me…oh wait forgot about that is where the Big Puma went.

That is the nickname for outfielder Lance Berkman, who couldn’t play whiffle ball in New York in 2010, with his one home-run and nine RBIs.

When the Yankees acquired Berkman they ponied up $9.9 million of his $14.5 million dollar salary, as the Astros only picked up $5 million for a two-month rental in 2010.

Now Fat Elvis is an All-Star in St. Louis knocking in 94 RBIs and 31 homers, and the Cards are paying him $8 million for one season and getting their moneys worth. This is not cool, not cool at all.

Now you see my problem??? Off with their heads…. kidding but I am leaning towards one of the NL teams at the moment.

Any thoughts???


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  2. Uncle Mike says:

    AL: A team that hasn't won the World Series in 27 years, playing in a suffering city… against Texas. A State that was Tea Party when they were still called the John Birch Society. And was owned by the man who went on to plunge our nation into crisis. I don't care if they're now down 2-0, I'm with Detroit.

    NL: A team that has never won the World Series against a team claiming to be in "the best baseball city in the world," run by a big donor to said ex-Rangers owner. I'm with Milwaukee.

    • Kate says:

      I think the Cardinals will beat the Rangers in 5 games…..that is just my bet. Big Puma can pay the Yankees back after that.

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