New York Yankees: Ron Washington Is To Idiot As CC Sabathia Is To All-Star New York Yankees: Ron Washington Is To Idiot As CC Sabathia Is To All-Star New York Yankees: Ron Washington Is To Idiot As CC Sabathia Is To All-Star

New York Yankees: Ron Washington Is To Idiot As CC Sabathia Is To All-Star

The announcement of the 2011 MLB All-Star Rosters came about an hour before the start the final game of the Subway Series.

Even though the Yankees were going for the sweep, but lost in extra innings 2-3 after taking the first two games from the Mets, the bigger news was that ace CC Sabathia didn’t get named to the 2011 AL All-Star team.


Without question when looking at individual performances, Sabathia is easily All-Star worthy. The fact that he is a Yankees is what worked against him.

Texas Rangers skipper Ron Washington (AL All-Star Game Manager) should have realized that Sabathia is pitching the Sunday prior to the game, so he could not have participated anyway. It would have been the smart thing to do considering Sabathia would pass off his spot to another, available pitcher.

The above cancels out the fact that Sabathia plays for the Yankees, who are well represented already.

Still, should the fact of what uniform a player wears belittle their performance and deem it as less worthy because of it?

In my opinion, I understand that every team needs to be represented but in Sabathia’s case it almost seems like it was done on purpose.

What better an All-Star is there than CC Sabathia?

This guy is loved everywhere he goes; he is generous, kind and humble both on and off the field.

Currently, Sabathia is tied with Philadelphia Phillies Roy Halladay with 11 wins, which is the best in the Majors, has an ERA of 3.05 and 106 with one start still before the All-Star game down in Arizona.

Personally, I don’t know many players who represent a sport as well as Sabathia does for baseball.

So, I guess Washington must have a darn good reason for why he snubbed someone so praiseworthy because right now it doesn’t look so good and comes off as pretty personal.

Hey when a rival, like Boston Red Sox ace Jon Lester, who could have easily made the All-Star roster, made this statement to Brian MacPherson at The Providence Journal:

“If CC doesn’t make it, I don’t think there’s too many pitchers that should make it.”

Evidently, something is not right and in this case it is not that surprising as Washington almost gets it right a lot. This time is not different. Party on.




  1. Jim says:

    Well, maybe Ron Washington had a relapse and started using Coke again……

    • Kate says:

      LOL Jim…..there is no reason that CC should not be on that All-Star roster. CC has most wins (tied with Halladay) and he is the staff leader of the Yankees. Sadly I think the uniform he wears is the reason he was overlooked.

  2. clyde says:

    Having a loud mouth is not to be equated with literacy. But the writer has nabbed this gig so she HAS to write something. Too bad it is as stupid as she seems to be.

    The All-Star game is a puff piece of a game, intended to please fans and show off star players. No $ involved, is there?

    So Sabathia has done well this year? Good for him. Let his arm rest and hope he can continue—maybe he could beat Boston. That would be more practical than playing in the All-Star game.

    • Kate says:

      So Clyde….do you not think that CC Sabathia deserved to be named to the All-Star roster?? CC is tied with Halladay fro the most wins in baseball…..

    • geoboc says:

      Clyde, you are an ass. Can't you read?? What author of this piece wrote is not stupid, but you certainly are! Picking CC should have happened because he IS an all star. It has nothing to do with money or rest because he will pitch on the Sunday prior to the all star game and would therefore, not be available.

      • Kate says:

        Thank you Geoboc….the fact that CC is a Yankee probably is the main reason he didn't get selected. If Clyde reads any papers or watches any sports TV he would know that this is not a Yankee fans only issue, as in my post I quoted Jon Lester of the Red Sox who was as surprised as anyone else. I also think that Paul Konerko of the White Sox should have made it also.

        Washington picking Beltre over Youks was another bad move, even though Beltre is a Ranger he does not deserve All-Star status. My guess is Washington probably hated having to choose Mariano but had no choice b/c he couldn't pick Neftali Feliz and get away with it.

  3. KMill says:

    While I agree that CC is All-Star worthy, only a couple of the other Yankee "All-Stars" were deserving. If Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson weren't Yankees there's no way they would have been voted to the All-Star game. And Russell Martin isn't even close to All-Star material, but as Yankees it doesn't appear to matter. There were several more deserving players on other teams, but Yankee fans can't seem to see that. They vote for their players, not because they deserve to be All-Stars, but just because they're Yankees. It appears Yankee fans don't have the intelligence to vote for actual deserving players. So no Yankee fan should be calling ANYONE an idiot.

  4. Telly Norgen says:

    That was a bad move. but what can you expect from him?

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  6. joe says:

    Unless you are going to address both sides of the coin you shouldn't be crying when it comes up tails.

    Let me start by stating full well… CC is very All-star worthy. VERY! I admit it. And, yes he got snubbed. but please… SHUT THE HELL UP.

    Tell your story to the dozens who were snubbed because a Yankee made it with lesser numbers than they had over the course of the past 20 years. I can't begin to count how many times someone wearing pinstripes was "an all-star' becasue they were on the popular NY Yankees though someone else had better numbers. Hello, A. Carbera who is not starting because Jeter is. Please… Now talk about injustice!!!

    And him being snubbed because he's a Yankee. God! How Jaded! If you can say something like that maybe you should realize maybe if Jeter who doesn't deserve to go wasn't on the team maybe CC would of been. Can take the benifits but not the consequences???

    Torre use to bring at least one or two Yanks every year that didn't have the numbers where were you then?

    The AS game is a joke. Nothing but a popularity contest. It's a shame! Almost as much as stupid articals!