New York Yankees: Red Sox Are Still Alive New York Yankees: Red Sox Are Still Alive New York Yankees: Red Sox Are Still Alive

New York Yankees: Red Sox Are Still Alive

The New York Yankees have had a lot to smile about this past week, from winning the AL East division to fortifying home field advantage for the first two rounds of the playoffs.

Knocking the Boston Red Sox out of the top spot in the AL Wild Card would have been the icing on the cake, but after fighting for 14-innings in the second game of a double-header that mission failed.

Now with three games left in the regular season, the Red Sox remain a game ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays in the Wild Card standings.

Why should any Yankee fan be complaining?

Worried would be the more proper word because back on September 1st, the Red Sox were the team atop the AL East. On September 2nd, the Yankees stole first place and never looked back but with a nine game lead in the Wild Card it seemed inevitable that Boston would still be around in October.

That is until Boston broke a franchise record for the worst September slump by losing 18 of the next 24 games.

Still, the Red Sox fought hard to beat the Yankees last night and that might have been just what the doctor ordered.

If you recall the Red Sox started the season 0-7 until they swept the Yankees in Fenway Park and Boston started beating everyone.

Let’s hope history does not repeat itself in this case; or in the case of Yankees ace CC Sabathia not making a start for two weeks before taking the hill in Game One of the ALDS next Friday night.

Ironically, the Yankees will finish the season down in Tampa Bay for a three game set against the Rays.

Maybe it is time for skipper Joe Girardi to throw out the all-prospect line up and let the youngsters experience playing in the Trop?

No because the last thing the Yankees need is bad karma heading into the postseason, as the only thing on the player’s mind should be to win, the number 28, and of course glancing to see if the Red Sox are winning.

And maybe I am just a paranoid fan who doesn’t like this scenario at all, regardless it is something to keep an eye on.

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