How Will the New York Yankees Recover? How Will the New York Yankees Recover? How Will the New York Yankees Recover?

How Will the New York Yankees Recover?

It was a devastating 0-2 loss to the Tigers in the ALCS, but now is the time for the New York Yankeesto pick themselves up and get back on form. However, there is already much debate how, and indeed if, they will meet this ambition task.

Jeter connects for a hit against the Tampa Bay...

Jeter connects for a hit against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Firstly, they will have to overcome the absence of Derek Jeter, something which may prove easier said than one. Without him, the team perhaps run the risk of facing a mental block, as well as the loss of his ability on the field. However, unlike cycling or playing online at FoxyBingo, baseball is a team game, and in working together they certainly have the skills among them to turn the Yankees’ luck around. Let’s not forget that they done it before, having faced a fairly similar situation back in the ALCS of 2000.

The Yankees will certainly need to up their consistency if they are to make it through, and avoid relying too heavily on the occasional impressive play from Raul Ibanez. Often accused of being one-dimensional, the team could certainly benefit from a shake-up in their style of play, and an awareness of how quickly their reputation as one of the top teams of the league could quickly diminish.

That said, the team would doubtless benefit from a little more fan-support too. As mentioned in an earlier post, the stadium has not exactly been empty during home games, but the moral is perhaps a little lower than usual. As any player will tell you, a team depends on its fans, and the Yankees undoubtedly have a huge, dedicated fan-base – but perhaps the cheers should overshadow the booing when it comes to home games.

As the ALCS continue, only time will tell if the team can save themselves from their current state of despondency and turn their luck around before it’s too late.