New York Yankees: Rangers Paying For Red Sox Bullying Again Losing 12-4 New York Yankees: Rangers Paying For Red Sox Bullying Again Losing 12-4 New York Yankees: Rangers Paying For Red Sox Bullying Again Losing 12-4

New York Yankees: Rangers Paying For Red Sox Bullying Again Losing 12-4

For the second night in a row, the New York Yankees gave the Texas Rangers a good old-fashioned whooping with an identical score of 12-4.

Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira went 3-5, going deep twice from each side of the plate. Tex hit his 20th homer on the season batting right in the first inning and in the sixth he hit a bomb from the left side for #21.

Tex’s 21 home runs move him into a three-way tie with Yankee teammate Curtis Granderson and Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista for the most homeruns in baseball.

The Yankees are on a role winning five of their last six games, but what other choice did they really have following the abomination against the Red Sox.

I cannot speak for all Yankee fans, but I am still reeling in fury over the 1-8 record against Boston.

Since I am not a player, I don’t have to adopt the philosophy that when a game ends you have to leave it on the field and get ready for tomorrow.

My guess would be the Yankee players are struggling to apply this to Boston or at least they shouldn’t be able too because it was that pathetic.

Reminding myself that this same scenario played out in 2009, when the Yankees were 0-9 vs. Boston at the All-Star break. This works for about ten minutes, until I recall that I was pissed off back then too.

The Yankees have a chance to sweep this series on Thursday afternoon, which might stop ESPN from throwing the Rangers another bone this season excusing why they are under-performing.

Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz are healthy again, so maybe it’s finally time to get off the Texas bandwagon. I am still standing firmly behind my anti-Rangers campaign of being an overrated ball-club.

For the Yankees the bottom-line is there is only one way, one thing that needs to be done in order for the team and fans to feel right again….and we all know what that is.

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  1. Shaun says:

    I'm glad to see a post about the Yanks power surge and would love to see you write more about it. I don't know if you have any statistics, but it seems Grandy and Tex have a legitimate shot at being the first pair of teammates to hit 50 home runs each since Mantle and Maris in '61. A-rod and Cano can tally up 35 a piece as well. I think that the '61 Yanks and '97 Rockies were the only teams to have 4 teammates hit a total of at least 160 home runs in a season. I also think that the '96 and '97 Rockies were the only teams to ever have 3 teammates with 40+ HRs. Power surge + DJ3K + #28 = year to remember. Is it true that ladies dig the long ball?

    • Kate says:

      Yes Shaun ladies dig the long ball, but fans in general do. I love homeruns but nothing like a pitching duel through seven and HRs will not get you a World Championship….small ball.