New York Yankees: When It Rains It Pours New York Yankees: When It Rains It Pours New York Yankees: When It Rains It Pours

New York Yankees: When It Rains It Pours

As the famous saying goes, When It Rains It Pours and right now the New York Yankees have slipped into a ruff patch.

So, what exactly has sent the Yankees into a hurricane?

  • The team lost it’s first series of the season to the Detroit Tigers, who took the last three games of the four game set.
  • It seems that the Yankees extremely hot bats have disappeared. The line-up got shutout on Wednesday night.
  • The Yankees have held the top spot in the AL East so far this season and the gap they were making less then a week ago has shrunk to just a game, as the surging Tampa Bay Rays won another game to close in on their division rivals.
  • Derek Jeter’s value defensively gets knocked constantly, but after watching the Yankees lose the last game in Detroit on Thursday opinions might have swayed. Jeter left Wednesday’s game in the eighth inning with some hip discomfort, so skipper Joe Girardi gave Jeter Thursday off. Subbing in was rookie Eduardo Nunez’s committed two throwing errors that allowed the Tigers to score three runs that cost the Yankees the game. Losing on defensive errors is intolerable and Nunez cannot afford to make these kinds of textbook mistakes.

The Biggest Blow of the week is definitely Eric Chavez fracturing his pinky toe on his left foot.

In the fourth inning of the Yankees 6-3 loss to the Tigers on Thursday afternoon, Chavez was running the bases after hitting a triple and when he arrived at third-base he said something felt wrong.

Chavez has been one of GM Brian Cashman topmost surprises he picked-up this off-season. Chavez is posting a .303 batting average with six RBIs in 17 appearances, as well as playing a solid third base to allow for A-rod to get a day off.

How long will Chavez be on the DL?

Chavez’s specific injury is medically referred to as a fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his left foot. It is the long bone of the midfoot that connects the little toe to the bone just in front of the heel.

This type of injury is not un-common for athletes, but has different treatments pending on the specific type of fracture but surgery is a possibility. Either way Chavez most likely will miss anywhere from 4-8 weeks, is my guess.

New York Giants running back Amhad Bradshaw and Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings both had this injury and the best method of repair for both stars was with surgery, which had them missing about 6 weeks each.

This is a blow as Chavez was fitting in beautifully on the team and not to mention the depth it gave New York off the bench.

After watching Nunez’s costly throwing errors, Girardi better have enjoyed the brief period of having a player as talented as Chavez at his beck and call.

It has been confirmed the Ramiro Pena has gotten the nod to take Chavez’s spot.

Pena defensively is solid, but his bat is almost useless but all-around not even close to making up for Chavez’s production.

All 30 MLB teams go through ups and downs during the grueling 162 games season. It is like a slap of reality for players and fans alike.

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