New York Yankees: Rained Out But The Texas Rangers Aren't Fooling Me New York Yankees: Rained Out But The Texas Rangers Aren't Fooling Me New York Yankees: Rained Out But The Texas Rangers Aren't Fooling Me

New York Yankees: Rained Out But The Texas Rangers Aren’t Fooling Me

It is still cold and raining here in New York making it was to wet for baseball, so the Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins game was eventually cancelled.

Clicking back and forth between American Idol and ESPN 2, I got to see San Francisco Giants Timmy Lincecum shut-down the San Diego Padres. Let me say that Timmy-Jim is legit. Then I watched the Giants closer Brian Wilson pitch his first inning, as he is on my fantasy team; and finally witnessed the Boston Red Sox lose again. The Red Sox are now 0-5.

As a Yankees fan, you would think I would be elated with the way things are going for Boston but I am not.

How can that be?

The Red Sox will without a doubt get it together because the level of talent is too grand for this to continue much longer. Whether the Red Sox are 0-5 or 500-0 heading into the weekend series against the Yankees because it doesn’t change New York’s approach or need to win.

What is bothering me is all this talk of the Texas Rangers. Yes, the Rangers are the reigning AL Champions but to be frank it is by courtesy. I have never thought the Rangers and still don’t consider the team one of the elite.

Sure, you can argue that the Rangers swept Boston last weekend, but can you also agree that was not the real Red Sox?

You have to consider that the Cleveland Indians are following in the Rangers footsteps, having taken the first two games for the Red Sox and going for the sweep on Thursday. This makes you realize how truly shell-shocked the Red Sox are.

So, even though the Rangers are 6-0, their last three wins were against the Seattle Mariners. Seattle is about as competitive as the Indians, King Felix or not. This just proves my point even further. Oh and

Looking back at 2010, the Rangers were in a very similar situation losing six games in a row between April 15-April 21, so surely they can relate.

Well, sorry to burst Ranger fans bubble, but the party is about to be over.

Why or how can I say this about the Rangers with such conviction?

For one, it is a given that Manager Ron Washington will again try to move closer Neftali Feliz to the starting rotation; and the only reason Feliz is still the closer is due to owner Nolan Ryan putting his foot down. Washington sometimes just doesn’t seem to get it.

Washington is known for making questionable moves. Some have been so off-putting it makes you wonder if the skipper is watching the same game his team is playing in, or his head is in the white clouds.

I also took into account how many Ranger players overachieved in 2010, including MVP Josh Hamilton. I promise you repeating those numbers will not happen, especially with the division being more competitive. Easy street is back under construction for the entire length of 2011.

Texas’ starting rotation is led by CJ Wilson who is just a year out of the bullpen.

Two of the back end guys,  Derek Holland and Matt Harrison have only made 16 starts combined; while Alexi Ogando has never even started before and was only used in relief in the minor leagues.

This spells RISKY, as the Rangers can’t expect this to hold up for the entire season.

To conclude this rant as the rain continues in New York, I firmly stand behind my convictions that the Texas Rangers will not make the 2011 playoffs.

As for Ranger fans… it is not to late to jump ship, as it hasn’t even left the port yet (majority did just get on, right?).

Otherwise just be careful falling for a team with no history of repeated success. The Rangers continue their road trip heading to the hot Orioles, Tiger and then the Yankees so this will be the time to prove me wrong.

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  1. Uncle Mike says:

    Kate, I am surprised at you. Watching "American Idol" when you could be watching baseball. Or knitting. Or reading. Or doing laundry. Or fixing that leak in the basement. Or spending time with family. Or, well, doing anything.

    As much as I love Jennifer Lopez, I wouldn't watch "Idol" if Rupert Murdoch paid me.

    Well, it would have to be a lot…

    • Kate says:

      I love IDOL….always DVR when Yankees are on. I was pissed about PIA being eliminated because America voted wrong.

  2. Carl says:

    Please, continue to think the Rangers aren't for real. It worked out wonderfully for us in last year's playoffs. Typical Yankee fans, assuming a team isn't "for real" because they aren't historically elite.

    • Kate says:

      Carl, I just don't see the Rangers pitching lasting down the stretch of the season. The bats are hot right now but are not invincible and the team has been pron-to-injury in the past (Kinsler, Hamilton) so it would not surprise me to see one or two on the DL.
      Also, how deep is the Rangers bench and farm system?
      I know the Lee-trade cost a ton of prospects and that your farm system is out of the top ten now.
      I think that the second-half is when the Rangers will prove themselves legit or not….

    • Kate Conroy says:

      No Carl, I just do not think the Rangers starting rotation will make it through the length of the season; considering half the rotation is made up of relievers.

  3. Terry Groff says:

    Well, The Rangers took the series from the "hot" Orioles. Lookout Tigers.