New York Yankees: Quick June facts New York Yankees: Quick June facts New York Yankees: Quick June facts

New York Yankees: Quick June facts

As an old Japanese proverbsays:


“It is better to be the head of chicken than the rear end of an ox”

And so far in the month of June the Yankees have played pretty awesome, even with the Captain’s head was imposed on a chicken.

Here are some quick Yankee facts for June:

–        A .762 winning percentage.

–        Posted a 13-5 record vs. NL teams.

–        Scored almost double (105) vs. runs allowed (66).

–        Bats have hit 36 homers, and 97 RBIs as of 06/24/2012.

–        Pitchers have the best ERA at 2.66 and the most wins with 16 for the month.

And the Boys from the Bronx are leading the AL East by 2.5 games with a 43-28 record. The Yankees have also committed the least errors, as they are tied with the White Sox and Diamondbacks with 32 on the season.


As the saying goes:

“Chicken one day, feathers the next.” 

Now the Yankees better keep their egos in check, as they are not devoid of concerns.

Like the fact they have the 24th worst batting average (.241) in the majors and the 10th best OBP (.327), which means they are still stranding runners on base.

And that would explain their league worst .215 batting average with RISP (runners in scoring position) on the season, but wait it gets worse.

The Yankees are posting a .137 batting average with a runner on 3rd base and 2 outs; and that BA only jumps slightly to .176 when the bases are loaded.


Now that the Inter-League feast is over, the Yankees schedule only gets more difficult.

This week they host the top two teams in the AL Central, the Indians (37-34) and the White Sox (38-34).

Both teams have wining road records, the Tribe posting a 17-16 and the White Sox have gone 19-13 when not playing in the Windy City.

The Indians run differential is -42, which presumably would spell trouble vs. a team that relies on the home-run like the Yankees do but it might not be.

See even though the Indians pitchers have allowed the third most runs (346) and earned runs (323) in the Bigs, they rank 18th in homers giving up 67 on the season.

And that could mean the Yankees might have to score the old-fashioned way, which this team has only done once out of all 43 wins this season.

The series with the Tribe starts tonight so keep your eyes on this three-game set to see how the homer-happy Yankees do.