New York Yankees: Proving Age Before Beauty New York Yankees: Proving Age Before Beauty New York Yankees: Proving Age Before Beauty

New York Yankees: Proving Age Before Beauty

Finally, the New York Yankee bats and starter AJ Burnett were in sync in Kansas City against the Royals, winning the game 7-4.

Burnett racked his first win in pinstripes the month of August ever, a jinx that had run its course for all involved as he posted an 0-8 record with a 7.18 ERA in his 13 August starts since coming to New York.

However, Burnett just can’t figure out that ‘one inning’ he has built his career around. Even with the W, tonight was no different but the damage was more minimal. Burnett gave up three earned runs in the bottom of the fifth; and he got yanked after 5.2 innings in total, giving up 10 hits, while fanning just two.

The aim was to win, and it was a total team effort with Burnett on the hill doing his part.

Generally an ideal start for a team whose, no thanks to Mother Nature, schedule just got more grueling due to rainouts being penciled in on their off days.

Basically, the Yankees have 42 games left with only three days sans a game. Two of those days sandwich a mid-September road trip out West, so they are a wash.

So theoretically the Yankees have only one-off day and owe a bug thanks to the Baltimore Orioles, who agreed to a Saturday doubleheader in the Bronx on August 27th. Still, I would bet my left arm if the Yankees well-being were factored into that decision.

Numerous experts have even called the Yankees lucky because who wouldn’t want to play the bottom feeding Orioles eight more times this season? Personally, I wouldn’t as this match-up has David vs. Goliath written all over it and we all know how that story ends.

Plus factor in the six games vs. the Red Sox, Rays and Blue Jays; a trip out West to face the Angels and Mariners with no real break makes things a lot harder.

Nonetheless, the way the Yankees have played gives little room for whining; and fans keep forgetting that Alex Rodriguez is set to return at the end of this week too.

One thing is for sure; the deemed aging Yankees finally have their opportunity to show the world, or just ESPN’s predicting machine that age does come before beauty.


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