New York Yankees: Positive start New York Yankees: Positive start New York Yankees: Positive start

New York Yankees: Positive start

Michael Pineda

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Today, New York Yankee fans got their first taste of pitcher Michael Pineda and so far, so good.

In his Yankees début, Pineda pitched a solid two innings vs. the Phillies and after giving up a hit to Jimmy Rollins he sat down the next six hitters he faced, posting two strikeouts.

Pineda threw a total of 31 pitches and 19 were strikes, so that has to put a smile on Yankee fans faces.

And please note I am well aware that spring training is no guarantee for anything to come, as the outcomes of the games are meaningless. Some fans were acting like A-rod’s first game yesterday was Game 6 of the World Series, so please try to keep everything in perspective.

Still, you would rather see a great start over a bad one; especially by the pitcher who was the centerpiece of the Jesus Montero trade this off-season.

Pineda displayed a confident mound presence, and he didn’t hesitate on throwing his ‘work-in-progress’ change-up, which struck out Phillies Shane Victorino.

Overall, Pineda can definitely build on this first outing, and hopefully keep up the momentum moving forward.

It will be interesting to see him get better over the next few weeks and hopefully he can adjust to the New York media, hounding him all the time.


  1. SteveKarsay says:

    He has fantastic control for a kid that big. I was also impressed with the change-up and how often he used it. Now is the time to work the kinks out. I hope Hughes follows suit and starts throwing his. Hughes have even more to gain from adding that pitch then Pineda.

    • LLP says:

      Steve – I totally agree with you but trying to keep my excitement level so the expectations don\’t get out of control. The media is already heavily on Pineda, and that can weigh heavy on such a youngster.