New York Yankees: To Pissed To Write New York Yankees: To Pissed To Write New York Yankees: To Pissed To Write

New York Yankees: To Pissed To Write

New York Post - Front Page - 12/6/2011

I knew it!

As I watched the New York Giants lose on Sunday 38-35 to the Green Bay Packers, I knew that something was not right with the officiating.

For an Eagles friend to say to me that the game looked “rigged” about five different times throughout the game was enough for me to make a list of reasons why.

When I got home and relooked at what I had jotted down, I unambiguously ripped the paper into pieces. I didn’t want to be that fan.

So, when the New York Post arrived at my front door on Tuesday morning I felt alleviated. Obviously, I wasn’t the only one who felt “robbed.”

Coach Coughlin threw the red flag in the first quarter, and still the ruling of an incomplete stood. Coughlin, who is renowned for being right when he throws that red challenge flag, got it right.

Next time I promise not to let my ego get the best of me, as I thought of how I would look not what I saw clearly in front of me.

The Giants won that game, and listening to announcers Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, you heard how perturbed they were with more than just the Jake Ballard missed call.

In addition to the NYP’s picture:

1)   Two facemasks tugs that the referees didn’t call on the Packers.

2)   The “illegal contact” penalty called on the G-men, which instead of punting, gave the Packers 5 yards and an automatic first down. Packers QB Rogers was not even throwing in that specific receiver’s direction, which confused me big time.

Unfortunately the automatic instant replay implemented on any scoring plays failed.  This seemed ironic considering the extra time is supposed to help, not hurt the game of football.

MLB better not let this happen, especially to the New York Yankees who get picked on more than I like to openly complain about.

Don’t worry, now I will act like a sore loser whenever deemed necessary.

One other question….if you had a $100 straight bet with a friend on Sunday’s game does this cancel it out?


  1. Burnt says:

    I'd make the REF pay the wager! (49ers fan) who agree's… what a heist!

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