New York Yankees: Phew, Rangers Got Yu New York Yankees: Phew, Rangers Got Yu New York Yankees: Phew, Rangers Got Yu

New York Yankees: Phew, Rangers Got Yu

Are the New York Yankees are officially cheapskates?

The Ballpark in Arlington home of the Texas Ra...

Yu Darvish's New Home In Arlington, TX.

Not quiet, but when Japan’s Mainichi Daily News publicized that pitcher Yu Darvish had the highest bid for a Japanese player under the posting system, a reported $51.7 million and that the team was the Texas Rangers, I was totally relieved.

The Yankees do not need another Japanese import to implode, or pay millions for a pitcher to be chauffeured to throw in Scranton-Wilkes Barre for five years.

As for now Nolan Ryan and Co have just bought 30-days to negotiate with the latest Japanese import and if Darvish signs a contract the Nippon Ham Fighters will get a cool $51.7 million.

You can bet that the Rangers will have to offer Darvish at least six-years and well-over $60 million bucks for him to stay in Arlington.

Remember that in Japanese culture if Darvish were offered less, or even equal a contract than fellow countryman Daisuke Matsuzaka made with the Boston Red Sox back in 2006, it would be considered a sign of disrespect because Darvish is regarded more talented.

The Red Sox gave Dice-K a six-year, $52 million deal, which had another $8+ million in incentives and a no-trade clause. Also, add in the $51 million posting fee, a personal translator, and a Japanese chef for clubhouse in exchange for one good season in 2008. Not to mention that Red Sox fans can’t stand Dice-K, who will be out till next September recovering from Tommy John surgery.

Darvish is the David Beckham of Japan, in midst divorcing his movie star wife, has already clocked 200+ innings in his last four seasons, and all at the ripe age of 25-years old. The Rangers better pray Darvish is mature, as the cultural shock and 100 degree summer in Texas is an adjustment even for US players.

Regardless, other than a little hanky-panky by the Captain this off-season, Yankee fans are managing the role of observer/outsider just fine, even if it is not by choice.

Still, signing Darvish would cause riots because Kei Igawa disaster is still too fresh.

As a Yankee, Darvish would have no room to grow because it is all about what have you done for me now in the Bronx; and my bet is Texas will regret this one big time.