New York Yankees: A Note To Brewers Fans New York Yankees: A Note To Brewers Fans New York Yankees: A Note To Brewers Fans

New York Yankees: A Note To Brewers Fans

Ryan Braun

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Dear Milwaukee Brewers Fans,

It is saddening when troubling news breaks about a player that you admire, like it did with your perennial Milwaukee favorite Brewer Ryan Braun.

I can safely speak for most New York Yankee fans in stating that things changed the day Alex Rodriguez admitted to using PEDs (performance-enhancing-drugs). Even though he was not playing for the Yankees at the time of the cheating, A-rod was wearing the uniform when he spoke about it.

What I am trying to say is that I understand the feelings of betrayal that you might be trying to mask now towards Braun.

My guess is that most Brewers fans are giving Braun the benefit of the doubt, as he claims his innocence and until all the facts are heard you will not judge him. Just be careful because even if Braun gets his pending 50-game suspension overturned, he still is not the same guy before this all came out.

Here are two reasons why Brewers fans cannot negate Braun after this:

1) Back when A-rod’s steroid scandal was front-page news during the 2008-2009 off-season, Braun had some wise-words for A-rod: “… The best thing he can do is come out, admit to everything and be completely honest, the situation will die a lot faster if he tells the whole truth.”

Okay, so why didn’t Braun follow his own advice?

Braun had known about the test results for weeks before accepting the 2011 NL MVP Award, so why did he not come forward and proclaim his innocence immediately?

That kind-of behavior is typical when someone is hiding something, or in total denial, as according to the Brewers, Braun had not informed the team either.

Look, Braun cannot change the fact that ESPN confirmed with the World Anti-Doping Agency that indeed he had failed a drug test for elevated levels of synthetic testosterone.

Also, Braun cannot dispute when he learnt about this, which was early October during the playoffs. At that time, I understand not wanting to distract your teammates from trying to win a World Series, but he had ample time even to wait until after the 2011 World Series had ended.

Instead, Braun got on National TV to talk about how it felt to win the 2011 NL MVP Award without any hesitation at all. Brewer’s fans cannot deny how troubling that is in itself no matter what the future holds in this matter.

2) The other questionable tactic reported by ESPN is that Braun requested a second test, which his representatives’ say will prove that there were extenuating circumstances that should discount the first results. That does not sound comforting unless Braun was gagged and forcefully injected with steroids against his own will.

Now my issue with MLB is that if the court sealed Mitchell Report got leaked, how come the Commissioner’s Office kept this so hush-hush? And allow Braun to win the NL MVP in the meantime without a word?

If Braun is really full of BS, than the MVP should be stripped from him immediately. Any excuse comparing Braun’s case with that of A-rod’s is bogus because it was years after the fact. Also, MLB had no formal drug policy back at that time either; and A-rod has won two more MVP Awards since in 2004 and 2007 without any hitches.

So, Brewers fans instead of camouflaging what is right in front of you, I am advising you to face the music now.

And that is, the Ryan Braun of today is not the same Ryan Braun you thought you knew, and for that I am truly sorry.


  1. JustAGuy says:

    He didn't openly admit to anything (yet) because he's barred from speaking about the test results in detail until the appeal is complete. Not certain why you are asking people to pass judgement before an official ruling is made… bad form if you ask me. Let's just assume the Yankee's will buy a world championship next season and give them the title now. Doesn't really make sense, does it? Also, as I'm sure you know, the penalty for a banned sustance is much less severe than a PED. Fifty games is the absolute maximum that he would incure if it is something like steroids, so let's not jump the gun on that either. This information was also only made available to the public because someone broke the code of ethics in devulging the information. Its all rather shady. Finally, if misery truly does love company and you are still looking for some solice after the A-Rod thing, this is the wrong way to go about it.

    • d-mets says:

      Well, JustAGuy I see your point about pointing the finger…..but it is fishy that he tested positive for high levels of testosterone in the first place????
      And about Braun staying hush-hush….he should and could have told the public about testing positive but that the results will be proven completely untrue. Braun also should have added that until resolved, he had to keep details priviate but didn't want a bomb to drop out of no where on the fans. Especially before accepting the NL MVP Award…..lying by omission is the worst kind of lie.
      Braun knew his test results be made public at some point…. so why not grab the bull by the horns, like he told A-rod to do and get it all out???? If Braun is completely innocent, as he claims than he should not have anything to hide. I heard him post winning the NL MVP Award and he should zero signs of anything but being completely deserving of the honor. He could get an Oscar Award if the test does not get overturned.
      I just don't know how you fail something like that by an accident…..players who NEVER took a banned substance usually don't test positive for synthetic testosterone without knowing it.
      A-rod told the truth… detail and Braun will get his moment to explain what happend soon. Until the day Braun can prove his innocence the test remains a fact.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    All I can say is that when a player has to look to Alex Rodriguez as a role model for honesty or fairness, or for how to deal with the media, he is stuck in the deep end of the corral. I still wish the Yanks would void his contract for lying, steroid use, conduct detrimental to the team and kick his overrated butt out the door. Most overrated player of all time.