New York Yankees: Non-Trade Moves To Make New York Yankees: Non-Trade Moves To Make New York Yankees: Non-Trade Moves To Make

New York Yankees: Non-Trade Moves To Make

Following a 9-2 loss to the Seattle Mariners, which also helped them break a 17-game losing streak, you can bet the New York Yankees front office, is conceivably in a tizzy.

This is not because the Bombers line-up fell flat at the hands of the 2010 CY Young winner King Felix, as many teams do.

The alarm went off as Phil Hughes turned in another lackluster performance and against one of the most offensively anemic teams in all of baseball.

Fact is against almost any other team than the Mariners, and Hughes’ liabilities would have been exposed. The Yankees cannot afford to lose more games because they are hanging onto the 18 games he won last season, when out 14 of the 18 wins were when the bats scored 5 or more runs.

So, my advice is the Yankees needs to forget that MLB’s trade deadline is this Sunday, July 31st and instead explore internal changes that could really help over the next two months.

First priority would be moving Phil Hughes back to the bullpen.

Hughes thrived in the middle innings and if that move hadn’t been made the 2009 Yankees might still be searching for #27. Hughes offers added insurance, by pitching multiple innings; which allows the Yankees bats to go to work and give the team a better chance to win.

Hughes has a proven record in the reliever role, and he certainly displayed the most talent of his short career.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman can put rookie Ivan Nova back in the starting rotation, and just demote Sergio Mitre once he is off the DL because he is wasting a roster spot anytime.

The bottom line is…. the Yankees aren’t helping Hughes or the team by giving him any more chances.

Maybe a little fine-tuning could help the Yankees avoid trading away their farm system. It would be an anxious move to nab Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez considering the price tag.

I sincerely believe the Yankees can improve with a little rearranging and tweaking, and that starts with the above.

The Yankees have no choice but to look at whom they have, instead of worrying about who they don’t.

This is one of the weakest and slowest trade markets that I can remember and it doesn’t seem as if the Yankees are going to be buyer in it.


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