New York Yankees: MVP To Granderson, Honorable Mention To Verlander New York Yankees: MVP To Granderson, Honorable Mention To Verlander New York Yankees: MVP To Granderson, Honorable Mention To Verlander

New York Yankees: MVP To Granderson, Honorable Mention To Verlander

Granderson Batting In 2011 ALDS Game 5 Vs. Tigers

2011 ALDS Game 5.

With the announcement of the 2011 AL MVP Award just hours away, the endless debate still continues about who is the rightful winner.

The  reason for all the hoopla is that Detroit Tiger, and recent crowned CY Young winner Justin Verlander has a good chance of taking the coveted annual award home later today.

So, everyone from baseball experts, MLB Players, and fans are weighing in with their own answer/opinion about pitchers winning the MVP Award over positon players…is it fair or not to give it to Verlander?

At this point, I have read a million answers from both sides of this argument, which at times have made me indecisive about my opinion in the matter.

Than after milling over pages and pages of stats and articles, here is why Justin Verlander is not the 2011 AL MVP and how New York Yankees Curtis Granderson is:

1999 Pedro Martinez vs. 2011 Justin Verlander

In 1999, Boston Red Sox’s ace Pedro Martinez was named the CY Young Award winner, just like Verlander was for this past season.

Both finished the regular season with impressive records, with Martinez going 23-4 in 29 starts; and Verlander going 24-5 in 34 starts.

The fact is the aces did not have comparable wins-losses; Martinez had an edge over Verlander due to making five less starts in 1999.

That is just one example of how Martinez edged out Verlander.

Now look at the two tables below to see that Martinez had a better 1999 season almost across the board in comparison to Verlander’s 2011:

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Martinez did not win the AL MVP in 1999; he came in second place behind Texas Rangers catcher Ivan Rodriguez.

Now look at Rodriguez’s stats compared to New York Yankees Curtis Granderson’s numbers from 2011.

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It is pretty clear that Granderson had more runs, RBIs, home-runs and walks than Rodriguez, who had less strikeouts and a higher batting average. Both had closely similar OBP, slugging percentage and total bases.

Since the Rangers Rodriguez beat out Martinez in 1999 in MVP votes, there is no reason that Granderson shouldn’t do the same against Verlander.

There are many other reasons behind this rational, but I think you get the general idea.

Curtis Granderson is the 2011 MVP, with honorable mention going to Justin Verlander. 


  1. Dawn says:

    You very curiously left out a major difference in the comparison of Granderson and Rodriguez. Pudge is a catcher and Grandy a center fielder. The fact is Pudge's excellent defense at the catcher position was just as important as his offense, he changed the way Managers managed the game. While Grandy is a good centerfielder that is where I choose Pudge over Pedro and not Grandy over Verlander.

  2. Granderson is not a good center fielder….he was superb!!! Covering centerfield is no easy task at all….and when the NYY had a ton of injuries, Granderson stepped it up.

    So, if you give the leg up to Rodriguez over Pedro….than you obviously giving the leg up to Granderson over Verlander!!!!

    • Dawn says:

      Don't get me wrong as a Tiger's fan I absolutely love Curtis (my daughter has his jersey), but I still stick by my choices regarding Pudge vs Pedro. Justin vs Curtis? would've been happy with either, actually think Curtis had an edge. Moot point now. Curtis deserves the MVP on the Yankees that's for sure, first rate person along with being a great player.

      • LLP says:

        Dawn I couldn't agree more, as the Yankees were riddled with injuries all season too and without Granderson, 2011 season would have ended a lot differently. Even Cabrera should have gotten a nod over Verlander….in my opinion!!

  3. Joe p says:

    There is a much more glaring comparison to be made. Look at Ron Guidry's 1978 season. Better than both Martinez and Verlander but he did not win the MVP because it was given to Boston's Jim Rice, who had a great offensive year. This has irked me ever since "78, because if you are strictly looking a a player's value to his team, there is no doubt that in "78, Guidry was more valuable to his team than any other player on the planet. And he was the winning pitcher in the single game playoff that capped the Yankees' comeback and Boston's "collapse". If Guidry didn't deserve the MVP in 1978, then no pitcher should ever get the award. End of story!

    • LLP says:

      I hear you Joe!!! Verlander had a great season, but he did give up 24 home-runs and in 23 of his 24 wins, Verlander had 3+ run support from the Tiger batters.

      I completely think that Verlander was without question the 2011 CY Young Winner…..but even his own teammate Miguel Cabrera should have gotten the MVP nod over him.

      It is also tough because position players will never be eligible for the CY Young, for obvious reasons. Now, no everyday player will get acknowledged for the 2011 and that is a shame.

      Also, Halladay should have won the MVP last season if Verlander did. He hits the ball too….in the NL.

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  5. Richard Griffith says:

    I agree that a pitcher, is not as valuable as a every day player. However, your comparative analysis of A+B=C (comparing players of different decades) to make your point regarding Pudge/ Grandy is fraught with problems; statistically speaking. Of course I would make an exception to Guidry's 78' season.