New York Yankees: Mitre, Hughes and Why Joe Girardi Is Not Doing His Job New York Yankees: Mitre, Hughes and Why Joe Girardi Is Not Doing His Job New York Yankees: Mitre, Hughes and Why Joe Girardi Is Not Doing His Job

New York Yankees: Mitre, Hughes and Why Joe Girardi Is Not Doing His Job

Derek Jeter bats against the Orioles on 4-19-08.

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What happened to the New York Yankees, Wednesday night in Cleveland, other than Captain Derek Jeter now having just three hits remaining before getting a membership in the 3000 club?

Well, the Yankees lost the rubber game 5-3 to the Indians. It was the Bombers first series loss since being swept by the Boston Red Sox back on June 9th. With the Red Sox winning again, they are now just a half game behind the Yankees in the AL East Standings.

Returning to the Bronx to host the Tampa Bay Rays for a four game set does not allow for much breathing room. Losing three of their last four is discouraging because the Yankees were so close to breaking away in the division, but now heading into the All-Star break in second place could be their reality.

Leading into Wednesday’s game, everyone was well aware that pitcher Phil Hughes was on the hill for the first time after spending three months on the DL with a dead arm.

After throwing 32 pitches and allowing two runs to score in the first inning, Hughes settled down and kept the Yankees in the game by holding the Tribe scoreless for the next four innings.

It was far from pretty, as Hughes loaded the bases in the fifth but finished the inning without a run scoring after throwing a total of 87 pitches. He exited with a score of 0-2 on the board.

To be fair, Hughes got zero help from the Yankee bats, but that was not shocking with the way Tribe starter Justin Masterson was pitching.

Masterson pitched eight scoreless innings and everyone watching was drooling over this kid, except Red Sox’s GM Theo Epstein. Epstein had to be crying, as Masterson was part of the Victor Martinez trade that is looking less and less as good an idea.

Overall, Hughes didn’t tank but he needs to be better in his next start. Hughes needs to stop looking at the radar gun and worry about locating his fastball and not how fast he is throwing it. I did like that he threw his slider and change-up because it makes him more effective in getting batters out.

Nevertheless, the Yankee bats went to work in the ninth putting three runs on the board.

Regrettably, that just wasn’t enough for pitcher Sergio Mitre who was in his usual form. It was Mitre’s second appearance since the Yankees picked him up, again.

Mitre took the ball with two outs in the seventh inning and came back out in the eighth to once again dig the team into a bigger hole.

After loading the bases with one out, Mitre walked Carlos Santana making it 4-0 and followed that by giving up a sack fly to allow the Tribe to score again.

It was déjà vu all over again, as Mitre once again could not hold the opponent scoreless.

Before the season started, Yankee fans were ecstatic when Mitre got traded to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Just the thought of never having to see him pitch in pinstripes again was such a sigh of relief even if GM Brain Cashman had to pay another team to make sure Mitre was out of the Bronx for good.

It wasn’t long before the Brewers gave Mitre his walking papers, but can you blame them?

Out of the 22 games Mitre appeared in, 15 resulted in a loss. He allowed 12 earned runs, 30 hits, three homers, 10 walks and 14 strikeouts over the 33 innings he pitched in Milwaukee.

This apparently was good enough for Girardi, who was elated announcing Mitre’s return last week.

Mitre’s return is the equal to wasting a roster spot, as in the game against the Mets last week Mitre almost blew the 5-0 lead in the ninth by allowing two runs to score and a call to the bullpen to get Mo ready.

Girardi seems to believe that Mitre was a big help to the Yankees before, but all I remember was a lot of leads lost and a lot of time spent on the DL.

My hope is that Mitre’s performance in Cleveland will be enough for Cashman to send him down or out, I don’t care just not in the bullpen.

Fact is that the two runs Mitre gave up were due to sloppy pitching, which did cost the Yankees the game. It made the three runs tacked on in the ninth a worthless effort, when instead the game could have gone into extra innings.

Where was David Robertson, as he was available as far as I knew?

God bless, but I would put Nick Swisher on the bump any day over Mitre.

It makes me wonder what the heck is in Girardi’s annoying and trusty binder.

My suggestion is that someone might want to slip in the stat showing that over eight seasons, when Mitre appears in a game and his team is winning, batters have a .314 average against him.

The Yankee brass has to step in here because Girardi is obviously senseless on Mitre. Clearly, he is not seeing the situation rationally because if he were Mitre wouldn’t be back here ever again. Also, the general consensus I got from Yankee fans was that Girardi and Mitre’s already weird relationship had now officially moved to creepy status.

This situation is at a point where Girardi is acting irresponsibly and selfishly. He is the manager, and it is time to act like it, which entails Mitre going bye-bye.

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  1. PAUL says:

    I believe Girardi and Mitre are working on a 2nd Broke Back Mountain Movie.

    • Kate says:

      Paul….it is creepy!!! When Girardi told the press about Mitre's return his grin was as if the sun was finally shining again for the Yankees. He also said how much Mitre helped the team in the past…..WTF???

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  3. Juan says:

    All though this is a well written article. The situation would have been different if the Indian's would not have scored in the 8th. The Indians would have brought in Chris Perez and the Yankees would not have scored at all. You can deny that as much as you want, but Chris Perez is one of the top closers in MLB at the moment.

    • Kate says:

      But Juan was Perez available?? I know that he was warming up in the bullpen once the Yankees started to rally but still Perez is hittable. Regardless, Mitre always comes and puts the Yankees embarrassingly in a hole….remember 2010 ALCS vs. Lee. Mitre had one good outing as a Yankees, otherwise he is a liability that now rests on GIrardi and Cashman's shoulders b/c what player would not come back to the Yankees; the Brewers released him so he was team-less.

      Mitre is a game changer that you don't want….he has been busted for PEDs in 2009 and has an injury history from hell. Mitre is like throwing a roster spot out the window….where are all the prospects the Yankees have in the minors???? I mean what is the problem here? Cashman wants to keep them as trade juicy as possible….and virgins to the Bigs so their values don't decline at all. That is my guess, but when Soriano is active again after the All-Star Break who is getting demoted to make room???? MITRE, MITRE, MITRE or else accusations will start flying about Girardi and Mitre's love.

  4. Bob says:

    I can't believe Cashman bought into bringing Mitre back. The man has no backbone, he's a mop up pitcher at best, the farm system has better so why not bring a body up and see what they have? Whatever Girardi thinks he owes Mitre should have been repaid 20 times over. If Mitre doesn't get booted, the brain trust should give Girardi a one way ticket back to Illinois and bring Donnie Baseball back where he belongs.

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  6. Anthony says:

    Joe Girardi has got to be the worst manager that the Yankees have ever had. He constantly sits red hot hitters and replacing them with hitters batting under .200 simply to play the righty/lefty odds. Meanwhile, Cano, A-Rod and Jeter are exempt from this platooning. He pulls pitchers that are doing fine and replaces them with guys like Mitre. If the team didn't have an abundance of talent, Girardi's managing would have them in last place. The time has come to call in someone like Willy Randolph before the season is lost.

  7. Steve says:

    when i saw mitre was coming back to the yankees all i could think of (after i got sick of course) was what….chad gaudin was not available….cashman should be fired for that move and girardi alongside for using mitre in a game…

  8. NYYTRUEBLUE says:

    I totaly agree with every critizism of Girardi and Cashman regarding Mitre. Mitre should be released and Girardi's "strategy" binders should be burned before he is fired. He has to be teh worst manager in baseball!

    • Kate says:

      NYYTRUEBLUE….Mitre will cost the Yankees games or mess up a big league to cause unnecessary stress on the rest of the team. There is no positive here.

  9. RR says:

    As usual, the fans get it. I'm not sure who is worse: Girardi or Cashman.

    Mitre???? TO be in the Yankees Farm System is to die on the vine after being messed with continuously. I would rather lose with a young player giving his all, then all the Mitre's in the world. The lack of faith in mixing in some genuine prospects (not Pena or Cervelli), have made the Yankees an old, crumbling team rife with injuries. This policy also will soon force the team to go young all at once, creating a period of losing seasons. While Williams, Jeter, Rivera, Posada, Martinez, O'Neil were still around, young players should have been mixed in.

    The Bench: 2010 Season to now: The worst bench the Yankees have ever had. Ever. Pena, Cervelli are not major leaguers. Never have been, never will be. Meanwhile, Montero, having nothing left to prove, grinds it out in Triple A. Andruuuuw Jones is washed up.

    Money: how much $ has Cashman spent on players who don't play? Nick Johnson? Eric Chavez? Feliciano? Soriano? Pavano? and more.

    Get rid of Cashman and Girardi at the end of the year, bring back Torre as GM and Donnie baseball as manager. They can help the Yankees dig out from the disaster these two have created.

    • Kate says:

      Thanks RR….but it doesn't take a genius to figure this one out. Mitre needs to go and should be gone once Soriano gets active post all-star break.

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