New York Yankees: Mid-spring injury updates New York Yankees: Mid-spring injury updates New York Yankees: Mid-spring injury updates

New York Yankees: Mid-spring injury updates

Mid-Spring Injury Updates

Injuries are not what anyone wants to hear, read or speak about but they are an unfortunate reality that is unavoidable.

Unlike other sports, MLB has the 70 Spring Training games to play before the start to the ones that count and as players warm up their bodies to prepare for the grueling regular season, injuries can start to stockpile.

So far in Tampa, the New York Yankees haven’t had any big blows but plenty of players are banged up, but things can change in a nanosecond.

Reliever David Robertson gave Yankee Universe their first spring panic attack when he fell down the stairs and was seen in a walking boot the next day. Thank goodness it was not broken, but it was diagnosed as a bone bruise to his right foot and that is still a serious injury. Robertson is already throwing bullpen sessions and says he will be good to go on Opening Day.

Another scare came from Captain Derek Jeter who is currently resting a sore left calf. The good news is it is not the same leg that sidelined Jeter last season, but still you have to wonder how bad it really is. Jeter has a history of omitting the extent his pain, which is also a team trait. Let’s hope it really isn’t “a big deal” this time. NY Daily News reported that the Captain should be back on the field today.

The real nightmare came on Sunday night when Robinson Cano got hit in the hand by a pitch from Orioles left-hander Troy Patton in the sixth inning. Cano left the game immediately, as the Yankees star grabbed his left hand in pain. What worried me was that Cano had swung through the pitch but Dan Martin at the NY Post reported that skipper Joe Girardi said that Cano’s x-rays came up negative. And Yankee Universe was able breath again.

Also out are Nick Swisher and Russell Martin, both have left groin soreness. Swish was sent for an MRI but it came back negative, which is good news and he should be back on the field shortly. Martin is said to be back on the field today. Martin did have the same injury when he was with the Dodgers, which kept him out for a month but he said it was because he didn’t speak up from the get-go; this time he did. Good boy.

Here is the official injury list of all the dinged-up Yankee players, and hopefully the last:

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  1. Steve Karsay says:

    Orioles pitchers always gotta be hittin' Yankees batters in spring training… Glad Robbie is OK… Bill Hall too, he took a slider or curve to the dome.

    • LLP says:

      I about crapped my pants when Cano got hit….but glad they are both alright!! Excuse my french…