New York Yankees: Get Melk? New York Yankees: Get Melk? New York Yankees: Get Melk?

New York Yankees: Get Melk

I read a quote once that said:

Melky Cabrera

Melky Cabrera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It pays to plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”

It is no big secret that the New York Yankees brass goal is to get the current $209+ million payroll down to $189 million in order avoid the hefty luxury tax increases that MLB will be implementing in 2014.

This makes thinking ahead a must for the Yankees, as they already have $78+ million on the books for 2014 and that is for just Teixeira, A-rod, Jeter and Sabathia.

Add in the contracts Cano and Granderson will be getting at the end of this season roughly puts the Yankees somewhere around $110 million, which is being generous for 2014.

Now even though there is still a lot of baseball to be played in 2012 the Yankees need to start weighing their options because money is one, so why wouldn’t the Yankees think about getting their old outfielder Melky Cabrera?

After being let-go by the Yankees, the Melk-man was no doubt disappointed as he floated from Atlanta to Kansas City but with help from A-rod in the off-season, the Melky got his stuff together again.

Currently Melky is having a phenomenal season with the San Francisco Giants, on a one-year deal.

The Melk Man is posting a .364 batting average, with four homers, 17 RBIs, 14 doubles, seven triples and 87 hits on the season.

Knowing Giants GM Brian Sabean, he won’t offer Melky an extension mid-season, which makes him a free agent at the end of the season.

It is a fact that Melky loved playing in New York, and you have to think that he misses it here considering A-rod pleaded with ownership to resign Melky for this season.

This could make the Melk-man come a cheaper rate, a bargain buy in a sense as the Yankees could give him a trickling four-year deal, load it with incentives and make his biggest paydays in 2015 and 2016 when they have some more money available.

If Melky keeps up his current play the Yankees would be silly not to consider it.

The only problem I foresee is that Yankees ownership felt that Melky was a distraction for his best buddy Cano. Cano has turned into a legit superstar since Melky left, but I think that would have happened no matter what. Cano is a natural ballplayer, but that does not devoid him of growing pains, but I guess that is for the Yankees to decide as they would know best.

So, Melky wants to be a Yankee again…. discount.

The Yankees are worried about Cano being distracted…discount.

The Melk-man is a spark plug-in the outfield, and a big bat.

With Nick Swisher most likely being handed his walking papers at the end of this season, the blow might be more bearable for the Bleacher Creatures if Melky were out there come 2013.

The possibility of this ever happening is presuming that Melky’s success will continue for the rest of the season.

He is dealing with a sore hamstring right now but is expected to be fine without being placed on the DL.

Look this is just something to keep in mind as the season rolls on because the Yankees have some big decisions to make.

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  1. alcan says:

    makes no sense for the yanks to go after an outfielder… the yanks will probably NOT be resigning granderson although they will implement the option on 2013… I don't see the yanks extending granderson's contract beyond 2013. Swisher will probably NOT resign for 2013. For the same reason they will not resign granderson I say they will not sign any top tiuer outfielder in FA. The reason or better said the reasons are: Tyler Austin, Mason Williams and Ravel Santana… all probably will be seeing the big leagues about 2014.

    • LLP says:

      ALCAN – the Yankees will certainly give Granderson a contract. He has been fantastic for them. Williams is solid prospect with BIG future potential but he is only in Single-A…..

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    First, a team cannot skirt the salary cap for 2014 by back weighting a contract, the cap takes an AVERAGE for the contract. Next, I hate Melky Cabrera. When he was with the NYY he was a .270 hitter with no power who drew no walks, made regular mental mistakes in the OF and could NEVER get into good shape. Plus he was clueless. Demoted while hitting .240 he was quoted as saying he couldn't understand why. This is not the type of player I want. Now perhaps he's matured, but last year with KC his OBP was .339 which is sort of average. And after hitting .366 (so far) in 2012 his price will be going up. I'd much rather keep Swisher at equal salaries. Good thought Kate, but I bet Cashman will buy time with Mustelier or a vet on a 1 year deal.

    • alcan says:

      there is NO SALARY CAP… It is a threshold for luxury tax implementations… If you go over the threshold than you pay a tax depending on how many years you have been violating it. The new CBA tax percentages start in 2013 but the threshold does not go up to 189 mil until 2014. The Yanks cannot finagle the payroll for 2013 under the current threshold of 178 mil so they will be paying heavy next year…. the New CBA taxes are 17% first year, 30% second year, 40% third year and 50% for a fourth year violation… the yanks are beyond the four years but unlike the previous CBA the rates go back down if you meet the threshold for one year and on top a team is eligible for refund on some of the taxes they have paid out… This is the reason for the yanks getting under the 189 mil threshold of 2014, It makes a lot of sense. And, NO, I do not expect the yanks to resign granderson long term considering the three potential all star outfielders they have in the minors… Forget Williams and Austin… who will be available for 2014… Remember this name: Ravel Santana

  3. alcan says:

    yanks will not be able to sign granderson… he will seek a long term big payday deal… at 32 and having stud outfielders in the minors… i doubt very much they resign grandy considering they will focus on resigning cano. The yanks will pick up both cano's and grandy's options for 2013 but grandy is gone after that.