New York Yankees: Meeting CC Sabathia New York Yankees: Meeting CC Sabathia New York Yankees: Meeting CC Sabathia

New York Yankees: Meeting CC Sabathia

Yesterday evening, thanks to the gracious PR queen Kathy Jacobson, I had the pleasure of attending a PitCCh In Foundationevent at the

Me & CC Sabathia at the MLB Fan Cave.

MLB Fan Cave, hosted by New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia and his wife Amber.

The Sabathia’s’ hosted 52 kids (hence CC dons #52) from the Columbus House clubhouse of the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club where they had dinner, mingled, took pictures and handed out iPods as presents.

Sabathia couldn’t have been more gracious a host, and let me just say that all Yankees should be very proud to have this man represent the pinstripes. Both Sabathia’s’ were so happy to be able to share not only gifts, but also themselves with these kids and it was wonderful to see.

Now, the press did ask the Yankee ace some baseball questions, and when asked if it was hard to end the 2011 season in Game 5 of the ALDS Sabathia had this response:

“It was for me. Winning the World Series the first year, losing the ALCS the second year and then being put out in the first round, really made me step back this offseason. You want to win. You want that parade. You want that at the end. It just made me really step back and look at some things that I could do better to help our team win.”

The stairs inside MLB's Fan Cave.

As far as the next season’s rotation, Sabathia said he is confident after how seeing how everyone stepped it up in 2011 in the midst of many skeptics, and he added:

“You could always make your rotation better. But I feel good with the guys we have.”

Well, Yankee fans you couldn’t ask for much more as the evidently slimmer CC appears more determined than ever to make sure he takes a trip down the Canyon of Heroes next November.

In regards to the news about his old Milwaukee Brewers teammate, and good buddy Ryan Braun’s recent test results, Sabathia was just as shocked as the rest of us.

“Hopefully, it just comes out in a positive way for him.”

That is something I think all players and fans wish deep down could happen, but the odds are not good, as the innocence of the game is what continues to get damaged.

As for Sabathia, it was just a pleasure to meet him, as I made sure to tell him, mid-picture about how happy I was that he was still a Yankee.


  1. Hey Kate, this is so cooooollllll and amazing that you met our beloved workhorse and ace, CC & his beautiful wife, Amber. Thanks for posing….

    I try to read and cross post your blog, as much as possible.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you…can't wait for February, Spring Training, and April 1st, when our Bombers play in my hometown of Miami.

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