New York Yankees: McDonald is Gardner insurance New York Yankees: McDonald is Gardner insurance New York Yankees: McDonald is Gardner insurance

New York Yankees: McDonald is Gardner insurance reported that the New York Yankees acquired recently released Red Sox, outfielder Darnell McDonald off waivers yesterday after McDonald tweeted the news himself.

Darnell McDonald

By adding McDonald, who is a utility outfielder to the 25-man roster, is it safe to assume that Brett Gardner’s strained right elbow is still injured?

The Yankees have been without Gardner since April 17th, and have been given the runaround about how serious the injury to his elbow really is.

Gardner has attempted to return but complained of elbow pain in both his minor league rehab stints.

The NY Post reported back on June 15th that multiple orthopedic surgeons said Gardner’s elbow did not need surgery and suggested he take a third, 3-4 week rest period.

Let me tell you from experience that elbow injuries do not heal easily at all.

I partially tore my elbow tendon playing tennis three years ago. I tried everything from rehab, to progressive therapy, to acupuncture, to cortisone shots for over 18 months.

Problem was every time my elbow started to feel better; I would have a setback and the cycle started all over again.

That is when my doctor from HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC) said my elbow needed surgery; and afterwards he said that he could have scooped out the scar tissue that had built up from all the rest and rehab etc.

Even though I know Gardner’s injury is not identical to mine but it is a fact that non-surgical methods to treat elbows have very high success rates. But this is his third stint, not his first so I wouldn’t count on seeing Gardner again in 2012.

Bring in McDonald allows skipper Joe Girardi the depth to rest CF Curtis Granderson who has played all but two innings this season. Normally Gardner would man centerfield for when Grandy needed a day off, so this move might be more necessary than the Yankees are letting on. What a shocker…

The Yankees have anticipated Gardner’s return for months because the team misses his dynamics.

Gardner’s overall absence has not gone unnoticed, and if anything positive came from his DL stint it was cementing his personal value to the Yankees.

Whether are not we will see the speedy Gardner again in 2012 remains to be seen, but from the looks of this pick-up my guess is it won’t be that soon, if at all.

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  1. Richard Griffith says:

    Your right about one thing. Gardner's elbow issue isn't remotely similar to yours but Hey, I get your point. Wise has done a great job. I'd use him more.