New York Yankees: Mariano Rivera's August Tales New York Yankees: Mariano Rivera's August Tales New York Yankees: Mariano Rivera's August Tales

New York Yankees: Mariano Rivera’s August Tales

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The recent slip-ups by way of home-runs off the famous cutter of New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera has caused much scare this week.

It masked the fact that Rivera tied closer Trevor Hoffman for saving 30 games for 10 years in a row, which is a huge accomplishment.

Look there is no denying that Rivera is the greatest closer to ever play the game, but at 41-years old mistakes don’t get brushed off as easily anymore.

Who could have foreseen back in 1990 that this skinny, amateur free agent pitcher from Panama would have such a big impact on the Yankees?

Now 17 seasons and five World Series Championships later, reality has inevitably started to bite even harder because lately Mo has not been doing his job.

Mo has made five appearances in the month of August, and is posting a 7.71 ERA, allowing two home-runs, four earned runs, while fanning three in 4.2 innings pitched. He has also tacked on a loss, but managed to earn three saves in four opportunities.

Plain and simple, Mo’s delivery is off on his cutter and that makes it hittable.

Is this cause for major concern?

No, it is not cause for concern because Mo will get his timing and release back on track.

The proof is in the stats and over Mo’s 17-year career he has given up the most runs, earned runs, homers and walks in the month of August. Also if a hitter is going to get Mo, this is the month to do as batting average against that cutter is at a high as well, sitting at .225.

Below is a chart of Mo’s career monthly numbers, courtesy of

So, Yankee fans can stop imagining life without hearing Enter Sandman blasting at the Stadium to start the ninth inning; at least for now.

To be honest, life without Mo is so unfathomable already that there is no need to rush.

Trust me, there are still many more Mo-memories to be made and Yankee Universe needs to chill, myself included.