New York Yankees: Manny Delcarmen Why You Bugging New York Yankees: Manny Delcarmen Why You Bugging New York Yankees: Manny Delcarmen Why You Bugging

New York Yankees: Manny Delcarmen Why You Bugging

Since my mind has been on the New York Giants and Super Bowl XLVI, I neglected to comment on New York Post Joel Sherman’s tweet

Manny Delcarmen

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from this past Sunday, about the Yankees signing reliever Manny Delcarmen to a minor league deal.

Truthfully, I didn’t realize Delcarmen still pitched because I hadn’t heard his name since he was a Boston Red Sox years ago.

Delcarmen was a solid righty reliever for Red Sox in both the 2007 and 2008 regular seasons.

On Boston’s 2007 Championship run he made 44 appearances, pitched 44 innings; posted a 2.05 ERA, giving up just four homers, 10 earned runs, 17 walks and struck out 41 batters of the 176 he faced.

And in 2008 Delcarmen earned himself a heavier workload appearing in 73 games, and throwing a total of 74.1 innings. He gave up just five homers, and almost doubled his strikeouts with 72 but he also walked 28 batters too.

Delcarmen also pitched in both postseason’s for Boston, and other than the two decent innings he threw joined in the back-to-back ALCS’s, he stunk.

In 2007 and 2008, Delcarmen posted a 24.55 ERA, over 3.2 innings for the Red Sox in both ALCS series collectively; and went on to crap out in the one inning he threw in the 2007 World Series, where he gave up a homer, a walk, an earned run and only struck out one of the eight bats he faced.

The now 30-year-old Delcarmen didn’t make it out of the Mariners and Rangers Triple-A ball clubs in 2011 and was released immediately after the season.

So, my question for GM Brian Cashman is in what the heck does he think Delcarmen can bring, other than less room?

When Cashman invited a guy like, Mark Prior to Spring Training I totally welcomed it. Prior’s potential upside could have been seriously legit.

Now if Delcarmen was one-half of Chicago’s White Heat I would understand where Cashman was coming from here, but Delcarmen is not, never was and never will be.

One would think it would be hard to reemerge if you never surfaced in the first place.

Look, I get that an invite and a minor league contract is totally harmless, but signings like this take time away from getting to see other arms that could be actually useful.

Remember that skipper Joe Girardi and crew already have enough to deal come February 19th, when pitchers and catchers report.

I am not trying to make a mountain out of an anthill here over a minor acquisition, but Delcarmen is not even a lefty. That would at least make some sense to me because the Yankees have a genuine need there.

Still, you don’t want to let a lot of little nothings grow into one big annoyance.

Someone might want to remind Cashman that he can finally ditch the quantity over quality shenanigans from 2011, and he can thank himself for that.


  1. DeviConPollitos says:

    Triple A also farms a baseball team too, or have we forgotten that? this is purely a "lets stack or AAA team with better veterans than the other teams so we can win a championship" signing.

    SWB also generates revenue to the NYY empire. The spring training invitation is merely to "sweeten the pot" and "keep up appearances". Unless you habitually commute to Scranton PA to watch baseball games, or the bullpen is mortared by injuries, and the AJ Burnett/phil hughes combo fails as a releif pitcher, i'd rest easy knowing you will never hear of him again.

  2. I agree wit h you DeviCon but the Yankees have a lot of youngsters that I think would be more effective than Delcarmen out of the bullpen. These youngsters sit down in minors a lot more on the Yankees than with other teams, and I think it is time to start giving them chances.
    Delcarmen couldn't pitch in the playoffs when he was pitching his best, and that speaks volumes to me about the way he handles pressure.
    I do get that it is good to have some journeymen in the minors, even if he is only 30.

  3. Richard Griffith says:

    He pitched For the Red Sox in 2009 and 2010. Maybe Cashman knows something you don't, like holding LHB's to a .194 BA in 2010 and a career ,222 BA.

    We all had similar thoughts about Colon and Garcia. However, I agree it's time for the kids to come up and do something.

    • LLP says:

      I hear you Richard…I was just starting the last time I remember hearing Delcarmen's name.

      And considering his 2011 season decline, can you really even use his stats from two and three years ago???

      I am glad you got my main point…that I want to see some of these prospects evolve and get a chance in the BIGS. I truly don't think you can tell about a prospect, even if he is solid in Triple A how productive he can be until he gets to play in the Majors.

      • Richard Griffith says:

        Apparently Cashman liked his stats and his ability to get lefties out. We'll see.