New York Yankees: How Lowe can you go New York Yankees: How Lowe can you go New York Yankees: How Lowe can you go

New York Yankees: How Lowe can you go

The New York Yankees left Canada with a series win against a battered Toronto Blue Jays but lost their ace CC Sabathiato the 15-day DL with a sore left elbow.

Derek Lowe of he Atlanta Braves during the Nat...

Derek Lowe of he Atlanta Braves during the National Anthem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the second time Sabathia has been injured in 2012, but the first time it was his groin, and not his throwing arm’s elbow.

You don’t need to be Einstein to figure out why Sabathia’s injury is worrisome, as he is a pitcher and it is his elbow.

So, what did the Yankees do?

What the Yankees always do, which is run and grab some washed-up veteran that no other team wants.

And this time it is pitcher Derek Lowe, who was just released from the Indians after he lost eight of his last 10 starts and posted an ERA just shy of 9.00.

GM Brian Cashman is once again banking on the nostalgia of the Yankee pinstripes to resurge a 39-year old player’s career; but in my opinion Lowe’s case is a long shot.

Point blank is that Lowe is done.

In case you forgot, Lowe had a big part in the Atlanta Braves collapse last season, posting a 0-5 record with an 8.75 ERA in the month of September.

So, the Braves traded him to Cleveland and the Indians designated Lowe for assignment, only to release him last week.

Now homeless, Lowe was hoping his old team the Red Sox, who are desperate with a capital D for some pitching help, could be a potential match but Boston passed.

For Boston to say ‘no thanks’ raises a HUGE red flag. Just add the Red Sox’s pitching issues, with Lowe being out of work, and their familiarity with each other (Lowe was on the 2004 World Championship team); and enough said.

Lowe’s drinking has been a problem off the field in the past too, so bringing him to NYC doesn’t seem to be working in the Yankees favor either.

Now, I did get some initial comfort when Marc Craig of the Star-Ledger tweeted that the Yankees were planning to use Lowe out of the bullpen, which means that David Phelps would still be starting tonight against the Texas Rangers, until I thought about it.

As knowing the Yankees I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Lowe will make Sabathia’s next scheduled start as Cashman and skipper Joe Girardi can’t help themselves when it comes to these situations.

It makes me wonder how desperate things are because for a pitcher to lose his spot on the Indians staff this season they’d have to be pretty terrible.

Just look at Lowe’s 2012 stats:

2012 Derek Lowe Pitching Stats

Also, Lowe is a sinkerball pitcher who got shelled in big Progressive Field so did Cashman & Co. even think about how he would fair in hitter friendly Yankee Stadium?

All I got from watching Lowe over the past two seasons was that he leaves everything up in the zone so I imagine the AL East power bats will crucify him.

In my opinion, this is an all new low for the Yankees who are literally getting older by the minute.


  1. alcan says:

    Considering all the bumbling moronic moves the red sox have made in last two years i would not use the red sox as a model to see if some one they passed up is worth it or not… lets start with these guys: the obvious: Beltre, V-mart, then lets go to the trade for gonzo: how is that kid Rizzo doing it? ok, lets try some more recent ones: Reddick, Youkilis (washed up?) how about the kid they got for Youk? Lilibridge, who single handed beat the red sox the other day and he can also play 3rd. lets not forget Scutaro… why did they trade him again? wasn't it to get salary space for oswalt??? lol…PLease… it is highly insulting to one's intelligence to use the red sox as any kind of model. Thus, if the Red Sox passed up on Lowe then there could be some good to come of this signing.

  2. coolnewyorker says:

    Predictably, here she goes again. Kate can't help it…she has to bash someone.

    Now that she is off of Phil Hughes, nobody is safe.

    Relax, Yanks fans. Kate is always wrong whether bashing or gushing. BASHING: She is wrong with Phil Hughes, Ichiro, Casey, to mention a few, and GUSHING: A-Rod, AJ and Bobby Valentine, for Pete's sake.

    Thing is, we all (except Kate) know how wearing pinstripes affects athletes enigmatically and differently. Some fall apart(Vasquez, AJ, Brown, Johnson…) and some thrive(Tino, Brosius, Swisher…).

    Let's wait and see how Lowe does in the Bronx. Let's keep fingers crossed. Let's hope, albeit against all odds that Kate leaves him alone.

  3. John says:

    Her point is a good one, the only moves that Cashman seems to be able to make are bringing in old guys that are way past their prime. This knucklehead trades away ALL the young players with out any chance to make it in the bigs. Brian cashman has almost ZERO ability to evaluate talent, where are all these young pitchers that are going to be the "backbone" of the yanks for years to come, the truth hurts, THERE ARE NONE! Thus Derek Lowe…

    Why is it that other teams seem to be able to reach into their farm system and give a kid a chance? Not every team can do that but the good ones do, Rays, Rangers, Halos, the Yanks do not have any depth in the system. They traded for a catcher to add depth(?) Are you kidding me, they could not run Posada out of there fast enough! They traded away a catcher who could hit, maybe not a great catcher maybe not a great hitter, BUT HE IS BETTER THAT MARTIN!

    Cashman MUST GO. He is lucky, not good.

    • RCardman says:

      I do believe Cashman is keeping the young pitchers wherever they are to stick with a plan and develope them right. We've all been screaming at them for years for the way they "ruined" Joba and Hughes in their developement. So now they're trying something different. It's not like they'll be using Lowe in key spots. Long relief in blowout games one way or another would be fine wit me. Save our key relievers for when they're needed. Then see how Lowe does and use him accordingly. Le's see if they do develope these young pitchers properly then.

      • alcan says:

        kennedy was another young kid the yanks rushed… thus i agree here and do agree with the Yankee's policy on development… look at banuelos… was bumped to AA to soon, then to AAA and look at what has happened… ouf for the year… the yankees best prospect out for the season…. look at the other highly touted prospect: betances… can't find the strike zone if he paid the umps. Moreover, Jones, Ibanez, Chavez did not cost the yanks any prospects. Ichiro cost the yanks two bum prospect, and please DJ Mitchel is not a a major leaguer, mid relief at best but also has spurts of wildness. Lowe did not cost the Yankees much and anyone who watched the game tonight saw tw things: 1, the yankees use one of their farmhands to start a game and old crafty guy who has been there and done that before… Both did ececptionally well.

    • swedski says:

      Montero is not catching close to 30% of the time. Kenneday had a good year last year and this not so, Austin Jackson is doing well but so is Granderson (even swap there), so what is all this whining about Cashman. He runs the NY Yankees. He is under constant pressure to win NOW. He has a big budget, yes, but is also saddled with A-Ron and Soriano (around 45 mill a year) which he did NOT want to sign. Anyone in that position could not roll out young starters and just let them develop, its not possible. I think he has done a good job and picked up good reliable veterans which help the team.
      Now if he moves to Houston or another city well then we might see a different Cashman but for were he is and who he works for he is doing a good job
      68 and 47 with all of the injuries is not bad.

  4. coolnewyorker says:

    The "washed up" traded in players have been positively contributing to injury-filled Yankees staying at the top.

    To bring in rookies this time of the year from the farm may not be the right move. Yankees cannot use revolving door as entry and exit for un-tested farm products. This is not the time for testing potentials.

    We would not know whether Montero for Pineda trade would have turned out well…or not since Pineda went down with injury. Labeling Pineda as damaged good at the trade is like labeling Pettite or Mariano as a damaged good at re-signing. Injuries happen…at any time, to anyone.

    It's always easier to second guess…after the fact. Second guessing a winning record should not be as easy. Those guys , Cashman et al, must be doing something good. Folks, we are the team to beat… injuries, "washed-up" players and all.

  5. alcan says:

    How did Lowe work out for you tonight? Can you say genius? as in Cashman is a genius. LOL. Lowe is a sinker baller… Sinker ballers lose stamina towards end of season and it wears down on their lower half… Lowe being an older guy was highly affected by this last couple of seasons… So using him as a reliever was perfect. All these veterans on the Yanks accept their roles… no one is crying to the media suggesting they are not being respected as a leader or getting enough at bats, or not being able to play the field… They all understand their role and appreciate how they fit on the Yankee roster. Yankees are built to beat you with 25 experienced guys… not just 9

  6. swedski says:

    How Lowe can you go?

    4IP 0R 2H 4K

    Not too bad

  7. coolnewyorker says:

    Girardi has been playing with the hands he was dealt…nearly from the get go, and nobody sings his praises.

    This "washed-up" "done" "long shot " "veteran that no other team wants"(Kate's venomous words) is the newest in the deck for Joe to deal judiciously. Lowe's first outing in pinstripes, 4 shutout closing innings, is vintage Girardi.

    While key players go in and out of DL, let's watch the veterans do their stuff. I hope Kate does not spoil it with her now familiar "Sky is falling" dramatics.

    • It was one game…..Lowe tends to always come into a new team hot and than falters.

      No doubt Lowe was great last night…….and it was a good team but I just hope the Yankees don't give him CC's next start over Phelps.

      If Phelps was not tossed around from bullpen to minors to starter and was allowed to make 5+ starts in a row, the Yankees could have had a potentially solid #3 or #4 guy right now. Phelps has more to offer than Hughes, as he features 5 pitches and he throws for strikes. The Yankees are doing the same thing to Phelps that they did to Hughes and Joba by tossing him all over the place and the pitch counts. It is mentally jarring….

      Otherwise maybe I am wrong about Lowe but he needs to do what he did last night a few more times for me to trust him.

      • coolnewyorker says:

        WRONG KATE
        Kate, maybe your are wrong about not only Lowe but all your automatic predictable scathing bashing comments on all of them. You are very comfortable in taking liberty at taking shots at these players.

        And when you choose not to, you are wrong also on all your gushings, notably Valentine's…of all people.

        Maybe you are just always wrong….on most everything.

        Lately, I've noticed you seem to have abandoned your gutter lingo. Thanks. It's about time. Now, if you would only pause, think more than twice before you jump on anyone with your bashing comments.