New York Yankees: Are you loving David Phelps New York Yankees: Are you loving David Phelps New York Yankees: Are you loving David Phelps

New York Yankees: Are you loving David Phelps

The New York Yankeesgot there second win of the 2012 season, but it was far from pretty as leaving 12 runners on base is just not going to cut it.

Derek Jeter is playing better than ever!!

I could easily rant about all the Yankees missed opportunities in the 5-hour, 12-inning win vs. the Orioles but I was so impressed by someone not named Derek Jeter.

And that would be pitcher David Phelps, who has thrown 3 innings with five strikeouts in his two appearances this season.

The 25-year old righty had a great spring posting a 2.08 ERA over 17+ innings pitched. That earned Phelps the annual James P. Dawson Award given to the top rookie in camp, along with a spot on the 25-man roster as a long-reliever.

Phelps was a starter in the minors and that might be why he got overlooked because the Yankees have better options.

Even though Phelps doesn’t have lights out stuff to be a top starter, he certainly has displayed how effective he can be out of the bullpen.

Phelps has terrific command of his two and four-seam fastball, and he also has a sinker-slider combination that has improved.

He displays total confident on the mound against big leaguers, and it reminds me of when Phil Hughes came out of the bullpen back in 2009. Hughes came up big that season for the Yankees after the All-Star break and was a major reason the team got into the postseason.

Bottom line is having a rock-solid reliever, who throws for two innings can be a difference maker as the season goes on; and Phelps could very well be shaping into that guy for New York.


  1. Frank Spero says:

    better trade him fast you certainly don't want any good players around throw in fred burnette…er garcia too you jackasses

  2. Steve Karsay says:

    Phelps looked like Colon of last year. He pounded the zone, and froze hitters with that come back 2 seam fastball away. I don't think he had a single 3 ball count.

  3. Richard Griffith says:

    Phelps and Wade to a lesser extent were impressive. In past years middle relief has been the soft underbelly of our pitching staff.

  4. Ralph says:

    He will be the next ACE for years to come for NYY