New York Yankees: Losing Is Contagious New York Yankees: Losing Is Contagious New York Yankees: Losing Is Contagious

New York Yankees: Losing Is Contagious

As I headed to the Bronx on Tuesday night, to watch the New York Yankees take on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the last thing on my mind was the possibility of losing.

I certainly didn’t expect to witness Mariano Rivera blowing his second save in a row, which resulted in another loss for the Yankees.

Well reality does bite, as the Yankees did get beat-up again at the hand of the Halos who won the game 6-4, thanks to a two-run blast off ex-Yankee Bobby Abreu in the ninth.

What made it more painful was that Mo was to blame; as Yankees Stadium takes on the worst kind-of silence on the rare occasions he makes a mistake.

Even more now because the reality is that Mo is 41-years old and saying goodbye is just unimaginable to any one who swears loyalty to the Yankee pinstripes.

When I talked with my father after the game, his first statement was, “The Yankees can’t trust Rivera anymore.”

I responded by saying he was being way to dramatic, only to be refuted with the fact that Mo’s cutter has not been cutting for some time like it used too.

Thinking about what my father said made me so sad. I literally had to force myself to stay focused on today, which spells S-L-U-M-P or at least the start to one.

There isn’t a less perfect time for the Yankees to start losing by beating themselves. This skid has to halt tomorrow because losing is even more contagious than winning.


When the Halos came into the Bronx Tuesday night boosting a 21-12 record since the start of July.

After beating the New York Yankees 6-4 on Tuesday, the Halos tacked on another in the left column.

As to why this was a doozy is because it also knocked a game off of the Wild Card standings for the Halos, who now trail the Yankees by six games.

The Yankees do not want to send the Angels back to California trailing by only four games in the Wild Card and that could happen if they get swept.

When October baseball is what’s at stake, along with the fact that missing the playoffs doesn’t bode well in the Big Apple is enough motivation for the Yankees not to let this spiral out of control.

At least I’d like to hope not, but the Red Sox can’t stop winning and now Yankees are two and a half games behind in the AL East.

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