New York Yankees: Leave Bobby V to the Bombers fans New York Yankees: Leave Bobby V to the Bombers fans New York Yankees: Leave Bobby V to the Bombers fans

New York Yankees: Leave Bobby V to the Bombers fans

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The New York Yankees are hosting the Boston Red Sox today in a meaningless Spring Training game, but one that you might not want to miss.

Yankee fans will tune in and not for the baseball but to see what crap Red Sox skipper Bobby Valentine will pull during the game.

Valentine has already started a feud, at least in his head, by taking jabs at both the Yankees Captain Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

It seemed a little desperate even by Valentine’s standards but he attempting to create a semi-diversion from the Boston booze-hounds that were so sauced they forgot to play baseball last season; which ultimately led to the Red Sox blowing the season and missing the playoffs.

Just yesterday, Valentine decided it was a smart move to say, “See ya,” and wave goodbye to Miami Marlins Ozzie Guillen as he was walking by the Red Sox dugout after being ejected from the game for having a rift with the first base umpire.

Ozzie told the Sun Sentinel’s Juan Rodriguez that he didn’t hear Valentine but did make sure to strike back by stating:

“I would have told him to go f— himself, too. That’s the way Ozzie Guillen is.”

Whether yesterday was a dress rehearsal or not, odds of Valentine pulling something in Tampa are high and expect it to directly aim to piss off Yankee fans.

Valentine will do about anything to get both his players and everyone else focused on the now, but is he going to far, to soon?

It certainly seems like it, but don’t expect the Yankees to respond as skipper Joe Girardi made one thing very clear when he told the New York Times:

“I don’t want guys going out and doing something crazy tomorrow so they miss six weeks of the season. I don’t particularly want Jeet jumping into the stands.”

I doubt that would happen anyway, but the Yankees can leave this one in the hands of the New York fans as they will certainly make sure Valentine feels unwelcome.

My bet is it that at some point Valentine’s overboard antics might start to embarrass the Red Sox players, which will certainly piss off Red Sox Nation to no avail and that is when things could get ugly.

So, if you happen to be at Steinbrenner Field today, please feel free to throw things at Valentine if need be. Just kidding…. kind-of but if one thing is for sure, it is Yankee fans that I trust.

Oh…and Valentine might not want to mess with Reggie Jackson, as my guess is Jackson is still one scary guy when he gets mad.